One cannot really say that permanent makeup is too new a concept—neither can one actually claim that it has existed for ages. We – today – however – will not really delve into the history of permanent makeup. You can always learn a thing or two from the best permanent makeup artist around. Today, in the course of post, we will explore a few myths about permanent makeup. Do read on in order to be duly guided.

The primer – of course- will be more helpful for those currently mulling Permanent Makeup in Delhi. Do let us tell you that there are a few blatant misconceptions about permanent makeup and the quicker you get rid of them the better it is for you. Adequate reading on your end will help you make an informed decision in this regard. Do read on.

Myth #1: Permanent makeup is Designed Only for Women

Not really! On the contrary, this particular service can actually be availed by both men and women. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s about redefining lip line or transforming eyebrows, both men and women can settle for these services. Permanent cosmetics do have the power to bolster male features as well. Do you know that natural guy-liner is actually very popular among men? It is geared towards shoring up the eye area.

Myth #2: The entire process is excruciating

Though nobody in his or her right sense will tell you that it’s actually a walk in the park—you shouldn’t really end up assuming that permanent makeup is a painful process. There is no dearth of people, who have actually undergone permanent makeup and do let us tell you that permanent makeup is actually way less painful than most of the other beauty treatments made available for you! There is nothing unbearable about this particular procedure!

Myth #3: Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Surgery are the Same!

Both of them are significant inclusions of the beauty industry. However, you should be duly aware of the fact that these procedures are rather very different from each other. While permanent makeup does involve a kind of medical set-up (that’s strictly for hygiene) it should not really be forgotten that there is no invasive surgery required here.

Myth #4: Permanent Makeup Doesn’t Look Natural

There might have been a time when permanent makeup did end up looking fake or for that matter not sufficiently natural as you would have wanted. However, do let us tell you that it has actually come a long way over the recent past. Today, with the advent of time, this particular area of beauty enhancement has witnessed a series of developments in the form of techniques and machines. This kind of evolution has ensured that the outcome is complementary to your skin tone.

So, mentioned above are the most prominent myths about permanent makeup. If you have actually been believing them all this time – do make sure that you’re not doing the same anymore! This primer – we hope- will help you a lot to that end!

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Pooja Goel is a founder of Khoobsurat. She has an experience of 15 years in the makeup industry. She specializes in Bridal Makeup, Wedding Makeup, Party Makeup, Celebrity Makeup, Permanent Makeup etc, also indulge in providing Makeup Courses and Beauty Enhancement Treatment at an affordable price.