A driving test is an assessment that deems you fit and qualified to drive a car officially with a valid license provided by the concerned authority. It is often after completing a course at a driving school can people opt for a driving test. When cleared well, you are officially a driver who can drive the car single-handedly.

Even when you have learnt the driving lessons in Malvern well, there are times when people get nervous during the test. They fail to remember instructions and techniques and end up failing the test despite being aware of the skills perfectly.
Here are a few things to keep in mind that can help you nail your driving tests perfectly and ensure that you have the permit to drive cars independently.

Make Good Use of the Mirrors

Be it the side mirrors or the back mirror; there is the need to keep a firm eye on them when it comes to changing lanes or even taking turns. You should be aware of the fact that there are other vehicles too. During the test, you should look into the mirror instinctively and act on time to ensure that your car is safe and that you do not pose to be a problem for the rest.

Reversing the Car

Whether it is to park the car on the reverse or simply taking the car backwards, there are several who end up missing out by a second. It is the lack of accuracy, which often comes around with time and practise. When you have to park the car on reverse, try doing so slowly. This gives you time to concentrate as well as manage the time well to rectify problems if any.

Using the Indicators

Indicators tend to be one of the only ways to communicate with the cars behind and those coming from the other end. When you are taking a turn or are planning an emergency halt, it is essential to use the indicators. It allows the other cars to know of your intentions. Some new drivers fail to use them, and even if they do, they forget about switching them off while continuing to give wrong signals to people.

Being Attentive

This is a problem that most driving instructors complain of. Most young drivers these days are inattentive when it comes to driving. It is either the extensive use of mobile phones or playing music while driving. All of these are distractions and nothing that goes with the mood. They tend to get distracted with failing to make use of signals and indications as and when required.

A driving test is something that can make you a driver for life and when you have spent money on the driving lessons in St Kilda, why not be attentive and come up with good results? A driving test officially awards you the license to drive, and there are times when a certificate from a reputed driving school does the trick where you aren’t pressurised much during the test.

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The author "Selim De La Masse Homsy" has had close associations with those providing driving lessons in Malvern and writes this article to help people pass their driving tests well with special tips from experts providing driving lessons in St Kilda