Labour force is the key to the success of businesses so they must be efficient and vigilant for your work. Companies need workers that are provided by recruitment agencies so they carry out this burdensome process of hiring the required workers on their behalf.

Mining is a field where a lot of workers are needed for a number of underground as well as on-land tasks so the mining companies, rather than enrolling laborers themselves, ask the agencies to provide them the labor.

To avoid any inefficient selection of workers, agencies are held responsible for the task but they do not execute it without flaws because they have to go through a long process of preparing the job description, screening of the job for finding the candidates, managing the applications, short listing candidates,interviewing and selecting the staff. There are agencies that work for recruitment like Mining recruitment agencies at zoom recruitment that provide this facility.

Due to all such processes and a large number of candidates there are some mistakes that these agencies make. We are going to highlight these mistakes here for you so you don't end up falling for the same trap.

Unsuitable job description

Mining has a number of roles for the workers like exploratory, geological, maintenance, production and environmental. For all these purposes, different job descriptions have to be produced so that the candidates applying for the job must know what is demanded from them. But some recruitment companies fail to provide the exact information to the candidates as they are not specific about what is required from them by the mining companies. So candidates apply for jobs even if they are not qualified for it because companies do not advertise properly.

Automatically disqualifying over or under qualified workers

Agencies have to short-list the candidates on the basis of their information on CV and if the qualification of workers do not match the job description because some workers do not have a certain education or job experience required so they are rejected despite the talents of workers. Every job has a limited education requirement even if the workers have to be in the mining field but anyone who has the talent and is hard working, is rejected for not being educated.

Relying solely on interview

Recruitment agencies for mining, like all other jobs, select the candidates through the process of interviews but it is a mistake because miners have to be hardworking and their skills cannot be judged through simple interviews if they are not allowed to show the practical working in the field.

Interviews are preferable for the white collar jobs because they want to check the knowledge of the labour but other workers in mining cannot be selected through interviews only because the skilled workers who are not good at conversing may lose the opportunity to work.

Recruitment a large number of labor force

Recruitment agencies work separately from the mining companies and have to hire the people only so they may take in a large number of workers even if they are not demanded. So there occurs a demand supply conflict and many workers do not have any work or they have to work on low wages.

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