The practice of desktop virtualization allows a user to shift their applications from their desktop. It offers virtualization, where virtual desktops are run on central servers instead of a computer’s hard drive. This allows an individual to maintain their activity on a central server.

In modern workplaces, this technology is growing popular because there are many reasons why organizations have to employ such technology. Companies have shortcomings in the budget, a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) culture, and collaboration needs to have a more dispersed workplace. This is where desktop virtualization helps employees access their applications and resources in order to perform their job functions from any location they want.
Usually, companies acquire the services of IT organizations to integrate desktop virtualization in their workplaces. PTC System (S) Pte Ltd. offers a broad range of IT services. They are a leading name in transforming workplace IT structure with their best-in-class resources and strategies. The Singapore-based IT giant, PTC System (S) Pte Ltd. offers Desktop Virtualization, Cloud Computing, IT Service Management, Data Storage, Data Protection, and Network Management to an array of companies in the ASEAN region.

PTC System (S) Pte Ltd currently offer VDI-as-a Service. Customers can pay for VDI based on usage by the hours rather than day or month. They have web-based portal that users can see actual consumption, if the users are not using the system over the weekends and holiday, they will not be charge.

There are four major benefits of desktop virtualization a business:
Reduce costs: Virtual desktops save organizations from investing in new PCs as well as their management and maintenance. This also exempts companies from spending on office space and energy costs like electricity to run and cool machinery. In return, the major chunk of the budget is saved from the annual expenditure.

Security: With virtualization, the sensitive company information and confidential data are not floating around openly with employees. Data can easily be stolen, lost or tampered with and desktop virtualization prevents that. Privacy regulations are very strict in certain industries such as the healthcare system. Patient information is highly confidential and organizations would have to deal with massive lawsuits if the data security is compromised.

Productivity: Employee productivity is conveniently enhanced with the employment of such technology. It allows employees to work on multiple devices with access to the applications they are using. This way, employees can effectively work from their own comfort which is a significant factor in increasing their productivity. They can manage and work on all kinds of data and applications no matter what happens. Even if some device begins to malfunction, they can shift the operation to other devices without having to worry about anything at all.

Simple management: Since all applications are run on a central server, it allows everything to be conveniently managed. It does not carry any need to install and update applications, back up data to prevent losses in cyber breaches. It simply streamlines every operation as well as the management of software that are assets to the company.

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