- Cloud computing. Moving company operations to a cloud solution may seem risky. This in fact is not true –cloud systems have been proven to be more reliable and less prone to outages than a local on-premise system. A technology provider hosts and manages software applications and is responsible for maintenance and security. This takes the burden, and cost of on-site technology, off of a company.
- Data back-up and recovery. All company data is extremely valuable. Effective, reliable back-up systems will ensure that precious data is not lost. If a breach or natural disaster occurs, a state-of-the-art recovery system designed by the managed services provider gives a company peace-of-mind that its data can and will be recovered.
- Cybersecurity. System security is an ongoing battle, especially with an ever-increasing mobile workforce connecting to internal systems. The technology provider will ensure a company’s firewalls are solid and create user access and identity solutions.
- Technology user support. On-site or virtual help desk functions can be provided through managed services. Small and medium-sized companies may find it difficult to staff their own help desk – and it may not be as cost-effective.

The Outsource Edge. Working with an extended information technology team without the overhead of hiring, training, salaries and benefits allows companies to put their full focus on running their businesses. Managed services providers have concentrated expertise in information technology with many different business systems. The solutions created by these providers are customized to fit the needs of each company.
Rely on Others. Developing a beneficial partnership with a managed services provider allows a company the ability to keep its pioneering, self-reliant spirit and remain in control of the systems implemented within the company. The managed services provider with whom a company chooses to work is just that –a service provider.
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