So what's the latest trend in the jewelry industry?

What are the most sought after jewelry designs at the moment?

Read on to stay up-to-date.

While it is usually easier to choose an outfit, choosing the right jewelry could actually be a challenge. You are ready for that party and step before the mirror to have a last look at yourself.

You're happy with what you see - your makeup highlights your features; your eyebrows are properly trimmed; your stilettos complement your dress.

But something isn't just right. It's the jewelry.

Here are some latest trends in fashion jewelry that could well be the flavor of this season.

1. Chokers

Remember those spiral choker bands of the 1990s? This magnificent piece of jewelry originated back in the 1700s and continued through the French Revolution. A choker sits snugly around your neck and is available in several widths.

They have witnessed a resurgence in popularity of late. From the bold spikes to the more traditional motifs adorned with diamonds, metals, and precious stones, the chokers are among the latest trends in fashion jewelry, available in an array of forms.

It should be an integral part of a woman's wardrobe because it highlights the collar bone and neck, the most beautiful part of her body.

2. Ring bracelets

The ring bracelet is one of the most delicate and sophisticated items and is among the latest trends in fashion jewelry.

It adorns the wrist and the fingers. Usually worn with a formal or elegant looking dress, the ring bracelet is actually a traditional bridal accessory. You can opt for the contemporary looking or the single chained one for a western outfit.

Besides, it's good to wear an ornament on the hand because that looks feminine and beautiful. In the past couple of years, traditional jewelry designs became boring and the ring bracelet has emerged as a welcome deviation.

3. Mesh jewelry

This is a new entrant into the fashion jewelry market. The mesh has gained prominence mostly as a trendy accessory. It's actually a malleable net of metallic wire. The twisted, woven, and braided are the most common meshes.

They even make for great hair accessories. A chunky mesh necklace coupled with a plain dress can give a complete look. A delicate mesh necklace, on the other hand, can help sport a dainty look. A mesh necklace can be worn with a matching piece or individually.

The braided, woven, and twisted mesh gives the ornament a modern tint. Lightweight and durable, it can be worn for long hours.

4. Ear cuffs

You can kill the monotony of dangling earrings and regular tops with the Ear cuff. It has emerged as a clear front runner in the latest trends in fashion jewelry.

It's a semi-hoop that traces the ear and clings onto the cartilage.

You can choose from Gothic and traditional motifs to the more contemporary floral designs.

While casual attire demands a simpler, oversized ear cuff, the floral designs forge a bolder look for any evening wear. Many ear cuffs are studded with precious stones.

So try out these latest trends in fashion jewelry and be the cynosure of all eyes this season!

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