Whether you have an old restaurant that needs thorough renovation or you are going to open a new one in the neighbourhood, the first thing you should focus on is its seating arrangement. Everything, from tables and chairs to the reception desk and wall artifacts is essential to keep up a good ambience in the restaurant. However, here we have narrowed our topic to just chairs or stools that are great for a contemporary restaurant and also save floor space. Bar stools in Australia are famous for decking up the restaurants’ coziest drinking corners or bars. Besides, there are elementary bentwood chairs with finely finished wooden tables which make the restaurant’s seating arrangement the coolest.

Let’s have a look at some of the trendy ideas for the seating arrangement of your new restaurant.

Sweet Spots for Waiting

There would guests or customers lined up for getting tables in peak hours. So, it is wise of you to make some sweet seating spots in the waiting area of your restaurant. Place ottoman chairs or sofas as they are best for comfortable seating. They are big-sized, oval or rectangular shaped sofas with soft upholstered material. Kids can even jump over them or lie down. Complement the waiting area with a TV. Thus, people can relax a bit while waiting for the tables to become free.

Inviting entryway

After all, not all guests would like to chill with TV while waiting. Some would like to go around the restaurant and find someplace to enjoy cool drinks with some starter appetizers. You could help them by creating a perfect spot to spend time until their table is ready. Create a cozy bar corner in your entryway, placing a few outdoor bar stools. Keep a couple of couches or chairs for elderly men adjoining the bar. So, this will allow all the customers to wait with patience before their dinner.

Choose chairs as per the concept

Well, there are lots of varieties of restaurant chairs with or without arm stands that you can lay on your restaurant. But, the best idea is to use chairs according to your restaurant’s concept. If it is fast food, cafe or casual dining, then vibrant colourful plastic chairs are ideal with plain wooden or metal tables. If it is a lavish fine dining restaurant, then go for upholstered chairs, along with some booth seating arrangement across the sides of the restaurant hall.

Create warmth in the restaurant atmosphere

For the youngsters visiting your restaurant, make sure that the seating arrangement is overwhelming and offers them a warm and personal space. Lining up tables with bar stools or couches or lounge chairs will give them the most comfort. Besides, a few bistro tables will not harm. They will make your restaurant look classier.

While it is about designing the seating area of your restaurant, choosing the latest styles of furniture like bar stools in Australia is what can be most fruitful for you. You are making a lot of investments in the restaurant to give it a trendy look. But, what works most is getting it designed according to the customers’ preferences and their expectations from a restaurant. So, rather than just going with cool and stylish stuff, make sure you are focusing in each space of your restaurant and accommodating them with chairs or tables to contribute to an amazing dining experience by the customers.

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David Collingwood is an interior decorator and owns a retail furnishing shop that sells a wide variety of traditional and contemporary furniture including bentwood chairs, bar tables and bar stools in Australia. He is a free-time blogger and suggests restaurant or café owners on how to deck their places with great outdoor bar stools, bistro tables, and other stuff.