Painting is indeed one of the exciting ventures of a modern home upgrade but when it comes to tackling ceilings, it turns out to be a daunting endeavour to most homeowners. Well, the reasons behind this are quite simple. The elevation and contortion required to execute the task is not everybody's cup of tea. 

Even homeowners who consider themselves to be an expert often end up with a mess while painting the ceilings and seek professional help. To help you ease the job, here are some incredible hacks on the preparation and techniques of painting a ceiling meticulously.

Cover Floors and Edges to Prevent Damage

When it comes to painting ceilings, drips are likely to happen. No matter how carefully you perform the job, you can’t really control the downward drips or splattering paint beyond the edges. To prevent dripping of paint on floors, you can place sufficient cloths or newspapers that can blot excess paint without leaving spots on floors. Using painters tape to outline the edges can be of help as it will prevent you from smearing paint to the rest of your walls.

Divide the Ceiling into Smaller Parts

If you have made up your mind to give an elegant touch to your ceilings, start dividing the ceiling into smaller parts. Drop the idea of painting at a stretch across the whole ceiling at a time as it yields poor results most of the time. Therefore, a professional painter in Keilor East proceeds painting in large blocks and progress in a systematic way across the ceiling for error-free paintwork.

A Pro Tip: To get accurate and a flawless paint job, you can cut-in the edges and corners of the total space if in case you are applying the same colour.

Choosing Right Rollers is Crucial

Before you take the plunge to paint your ceilings, determine whether you need a ladder or a roller extender. If your work demands the latter one, make sure you have lightweight roller cages that are easy to operate. Remember, flawless paintwork depends on the quality of materials and supplies you would be using and roller is surely one of them. So, before buying painting supplies, make sure to inspect the condition of walls to determine the exact type of roller you need for your walls.

Sand Before Applying Paint Directly

Over time, your old paint might develop bumps and crud might get stick to your ceiling. Before you contact the local residential painter in Keilor East for applying paint to your walls, make sure to check for cracks, dents or any other imperfection to ensure your hard-earned investment doesn’t go in vain. For untextured walls, it’s better to apply a quick sanding with a porous drywall sanding paper as it will bind fresh paint firmly to the walls and prevent chances of an early peel off.

Last Words

Painting a ceiling requires expertise, precision and skills. Whether you are an expert or a novice, these pro hacks can help you get a flawless paint job that you have hardly imagined before. So do give them a try and let us know how it worked for you. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is an expert local painter in Keilor East and shares tips for painting both smooth and porous ceilings with the right skill-set, equipment and tricks of the trade.