Choosing the best software for your fitness studio requires thinking beyond the needs of you an your staff. While those elements are important, you also want the software for mma crossfit gyms and other types of fitness facilities to provide specific resources for the clients. If you opt for the right type of software, your clients are likely to love these features in particular.

Signing In is Easier and Faster

Most personal training software packages allow clients to log in and manage their accounts in a number of ways. That includes being able to sign in when they arrive rather than waiting to sign in at a reception desk. The ability to use an app to sign in as they enter the gym and then move directly to the locker room saves time and effort. It’s also handy to sign out as the client is leaving after a class or workout.

Registering for Workshops Takes No Time

Push Notifications Remind Clients of Pending Classes and Other Important Events

Life can get busy and it’s easy to forget about any upcoming class, workshop, or private session scheduled with a trainer. When the software you select happens to send notifications reminding clients about the events they are scheduled to attend, everyone wins. The client does not miss out on being present for something he or she really wanted to be part of, and your staff does not end up waiting for people to arrive so they can begin the event.

Checking the Account Status is Simple

Ideally, each client can log in at any time and take a look at every aspect of their account. They should be able to easily see every event they have signed up to attend, review the workout schedule they created with the help of your staff, and even scan for any upcoming events they may have overlooked. It also helps if the software allows them to confirm their memberships are current, or determine when they need to renew them.

Software and apps are a key element in many aspects of living today. Why not make sure the program that you use benefits your clients as well as your employees? When comparing different packages, make sure the product is stable, easy for people to use, and comes with excellent client support. See this as one more way of letting your clients know how much you appreciate their business.

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