Are you about to move out from your rented property? It is regardless to say that moving out of a rental property is no doubt a stressful task, especially when go by the bond and aim to return the property in the same pristine condition you got it. Being the tenant of the property, you have to ensure that the property is clean and sanitised before the landlord come for the inspection. As the landlord expects the property to be in top-notch condition to set it for other tenants after you leave.

However, if you fail to do so, you will no doubt loose the part of your bond money, as the property owner or estate manager has the right to hold the security deposits if you can’t return the property in the condition you received it. Improper end of lease cleaning is one of the common reasons why conflict happens between tenants and landlord. So, read on this content know how to impress the landlord and pass inspection.

Prepare a Cleaning Checklist: 

Bond cleaning is one of those chores that need both the physical and mental strength. It is not only about dusting, vacuuming or mopping the dirty areas but also about eliminating the accumulated dust and stain from carpet, walls, kitchen appliances, air vents, skirting boards, cupboards other areas of the premises with a thorough cleaning before the final inspection. Preparing a checklist will not only help you to save time but also allow to cover different areas of the property without a miss.

Start from the Top: 

According to most rental bond cleaning professionals in Melton, it is recommended to start cleaning from the top of the premises. This will allow you to cover all the areas inside your property with a better idea of what you are doing and how to proceed further. So, you must start from walls, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, switchboards, fittings and then make your way towards doors, windows, skirting boards, carpets and floors.

Clean and Deodorise Windows, Wall and Floor Coverings: 

This is important if you find any unpleasant smell in the property. Ask your hired cleaners to clean the window coverings like curtains and drapes. A natural solution of vinegar and water can clean and deodorise the hard surfaces like washable wall coverings, vinyl blinds and wood coverings. White vinegar removes the tough stains as well as lingering odours. If you think it is the carpet that is smelling foul, sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on your fabric flooring and vacuum it after half an hour with heavy-duty cleaner.

Sanitise the Kitchen and Bathroom:

No doubt the kitchen and bathroom both get dirty and smelly over the prolonged hours of use. Hence, they need cleaning and sanitisation before property inspection. For kitchens, you must remove stains and grease from range hood, sink, countertops, cupboards, kitchen appliances. On the other hand, the bathroom cleanup should cover the vanity area, bathtub, shower, sweeping the floors and removal of the soap scum and mildew from the walls and disinfect the toilet seats and door handles as well.

Consider hiring an experienced end of lease cleaning company in Sunbury, who are well-versed with all the latest equipment and standard cleaning techniques to let you claim the full bond money.

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The author is the end of lease cleaning service provider in Melton & Sunbury and passionately writes blogs and articles to make users aware of the different cleaning needs.