Bucket lists can conjure up all sorts of adrenaline fuelled ideas and it wouldn’t be much of a bucket

list without at least one or two! But we need to keep it real. Achievable desires and goals must be

the key if we are to tick them off before we depart this mortal coil. All too often people compile

these lists when they’ve been dealt a devastating blow; their time here on Earth is running out. It

becomes their focus and a reason to fight on, ticking off their dreams as they achieve them. So why

do we wait until our time is limited to actually think about what we want to do with the rest of our

lives? Why not compile your own Bucket List now, while you are young and fit enough. Who knows

how many aspirations will be realised? Every person’s objectives will be different as there are many

factors to consider, but each of us generally has a few ambitions and unless we put pen to paper and

write them down there is little hope of action. Here are 4 ideas to help get you started.

1. Travel

There’s always at least one place we all want to visit. Whether you have family abroad that you

never get to see unless it’s via a computer screen or you have a yearning to visit some far off country

that you’ve read about, do your research. Cost it out. Set yourself a budget. If you don’t have the

funds then you’ll need to make a savings plan, setting aside a set amount each month until you

reach your target. Remember to ask your employer well in advance if you need extended time off,

and make sure you’re acquainted with your destination’s local laws and customs. Is your passport up

to date? Will you need a visa? Inoculations? You might want to travel on a shoestring or you might

want to go first class all the way; whichever you choose make it memorable!

2. Skydiving

An absolute must for the thrill seekers among you! The adrenaline rush you will get from skydiving

will be immeasurable. Imagine jumping from a plane at 13000 feet! You’ll be strapped to the front of

your fully qualified and experienced instructor who will be in control of both the free fall element,

and opening the parachute, so you won’t be alone, or in any danger. All you have to do is jump and

‘enjoy’! It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Sceptical? If you can’t do it for yourself, then do it

for charity. There are so many worthy causes and most of them rely heavily on charity funding to

stay afloat. If you make your jump a fundraiser you could effectively jump for free providing you

raise double the fee. If fundraising for your favourite charity is on your Bucket List, you’re killing two

birds with one stone. Everyone’s a winner!

3. Swimming with dolphins/sharks

This could be seen a bit of a cliché. After all, it’s probably on everybody’s Bucket List. But it’s there

because so many people want to do it! With so many destinations offering this opportunity it’s down

to you to choose which one, and when you do you’ll wade into the water and get to know your

dolphin with the help of a trainer. In deeper water you’ll be allowed to take hold of your dolphin’s

dorsal fin and be ‘towed’ back to shore. Swimming with sharks is a little more hazardous, and not for

the faint hearted. Instructor lead, you’ll have full use of SCUBA equipment, and will be guaranteed

an up close encounter with these beautiful and somewhat formidable marine fish.

4. Get a tattoo

Tattooing really is big business. With an estimated figure of over 30% of 30 to 45 year olds having

been inked it’s no wonder! If you’re thinking of taking the plunge then it’s wise to do a little research

first. Really think about your design and where you want to have it and choose something that’s

personal to you; after all it’s permanent. Choose a professional artist with a good reputation and

you’re halfway there. They’ll have thousands of designs to choose from, but if you have something

specific in mind that is exclusive to you, draft out your own idea and send it to them. They’ll be able

to tidy it up thus producing a bespoke design tailored to you. Just remember though – it’s going to hurt!

Author's Bio: 

Becky writes for UK Skydiving, where she herself has experienced the life altering rush that is a skydive. She's got the bug and plans her next jump soon for charity.