Blocked fallopian tubes are common problem in females. It is not limited by age, and women of childbearing age may be affected. The fallopian tube is the critical channel for sperm to enter into the combination with the egg. Once the channel is blocked and sperm cannot join, sperm can only disappear in a short time, which leads to the failure of sperm and egg to combine successfully.

Be careful that the fallopian tube may be blocked if you have these conditions:

1. Obesity

Many elders think that obese women are easier to conceive a baby. It is not correct. Obesity directly affects the development and smoothness of the oviduct. Therefore, if the couples want to have a baby, the first thing women need is a moderate figure conducive to having children.

2. Abdominal discomfort

Some women often don't care about their body feedback. For example, when the abdomen is in pain, they always think there is a stomach problem. They believe that their improper eating habits lead to abdominal discomfort. It is the wrong life habits causing abdominal pain, such as squatting for a long time, which makes the position of the fallopian tube squeezed, causing an obstruction.

Another reason is that unclean hygiene can make the oviduct inflamed. Once inflammation is obtained, the abdomen will often appear uncomfortable, and the fallopian tube is on the edge of collapse.

3. Abnormal leucorrhea

Every woman will experience menstruation, so will leucorrhea. Once the leucorrhea is abnormal, your body will have a disease. First of all, when you have increased leucorrhea, consider gynecological inflammation. At ordinary times, women should pay attention to their eating habits and sexual life. At the same time, color is also an important manifestation. If the leucorrhea turns yellow, then the body secretion has problems and needs to be checked in the hospital.

If you have the above conditions, go to the hospital in time for inspection. Tubal obstruction is common in acute and chronic infections or endometriosis. For blockage caused by these diseases, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a good choice. It can eliminate inflammation, dredge the fallopian tube, clean up the uterus environment, and improve the chance of natural pregnancy.

Untreated blocked fallopian tubes will cause significant harm to women, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Infertility

The tubal blockage is a common disease in female infertility. The incidence rate is high, which accounts for about 50% of female infertility. The oviduct is the place where sperm and egg are combined. Once the fallopian tube is blocked, sperm and eggs can not be combined into fertilized eggs, which will lead to infertility.

2. Ectopic pregnancy

When tubal stenosis and blockage occur, it will make the fertilized egg challenging to walk in the oviduct. Because of the different parts of each patient's tubal obstruction and stenosis, the fertilized egg is placed outside the uterine cavity, which leads to ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy usually occurs when the tubal tube is not smooth or tortuous. Once the ectopic pregnancy occurs, the light one may cause the tubal tube to be completely impassable, and the serious one will have massive bleeding, threatening the patient's life.

3. Inflammation

Tubal obstruction is caused by inflammation of the reproductive system. After the tubal blockage, inflammation may spread to other parts, causing inflammation in other regions.

4. Others

Women will have a frequency of urine, pain, constipation, diarrhea, and menstrual disorder, dysmenorrhea, sexual pain, and vaginal bleeding, etc. Therefore, once the body appears abnormal, women should timely go to the regular hospital for treatment to avoid delay of the disease, resulting in lifelong regret.

After reading this article, women should pay more attention to the factor causing a tubal obstruction. As long as they pay attention to the small details of life, develop good eating habits, and do moderate exercise, and keep healthy at all times, they can make the body more nutritious and healthier.

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