Although traditional offline businesses differ from online businesses, whether it's a make money online network or affiliate opportunity or online store fronts, it is becoming more and more vital to receive online exposure. Google and other search engines are the new Yellow Pages.

When was the last time you dug out the phone book to look up a phone number or find a business. With access to the web being made easier and easier (whether via your PC, Laptop, or smart phone), people find it simpler these days to just Google it.

If you're not getting internet traffic to your website
you're loosing business, plain and simple.

Below are a few suggestions of how to market and advertise your online business for free or a low cost budget.

1.) Free Classifieds – very popular free ad placement site, however, CraigsList for some reason seems to atrack spammers. Even CraigsList itself post a disclaimer cautioning it's users to be careful when asked to send money. – Free to post ads with an option for paid promotion which gets your ad viewed by a much broader audience. – another free to post ads with an option for paid promotion. They offer a $10 credit that can be used in promoting your ad for link exchange.

2.) Social Networks
Facebook – A free social networking site. Facebook is probably (at the time of this writing) the most popular networking site. As with any social networking site, it takes time to build a network of connections. On Facebook those connections are referred to as friends.

CrazyGood – Another upcoming social networking site that has many of the same features Facebook has. CrazyGood cost $10 per month to be a member, but also pays it's member $1 per month per referral, which can eventually turn into a substantial monthly passive residual income. Some are saying that CrazyGood may be the new Facebook, others say that will never happen, but then again they said the same thing about MySpace, and yet you don't hear too much about MySpace anymore.

PeopleString – Free social networking site that also pays it's member for performing actions such as checking your emails, online shopping and others. You are also paid for the actions performed by those you referred. The pay is based on a points system and is a very small amount. While PeopleString string does not pay anywhere close to CrazyGood, it can add up if you refer enough people.

3.) Article Marketing
Article marketing is free, but does require time and effort, but is a very effective way to market your online opportunity. It may very well be the best free advertising method available today. If you do not have your own domain, site, or blog, there are alternative ways of article marketing.

Hubpages – Creating an account with Hubpages is fairly easy. They are not overly strict about approving accounts. They are, however one of the more stricter sites about flagging articles, so it is best to submit your article here first because if you have already submitted it to one of the other sites listed below, there's a good chance Hubpages will decline it as a duplicate. – Obviously, if your reading this, you already know about SelfGrowth. requires minimum 250 words to maximum 1501 word articles. They also allow you to link from your article to other sites.

Squidoo – this site is similar to Hubpages. They refer to their pages as lens, whereas Hubpages refers to theirs as, you guessed it, Hubs. Squidoo is a little more lenient than Hubpages, but will still flag pages for being over promotional and for promoting certain products such as affiliate programs, however, Squidoo can be really helpful in getting you ranked high in Google SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages).

>Ezine Articles – It will be worth your time to get familiar with this article submission directory. Submitting articles here can be very helpful in getting you ranked in the search engines. You are giving your permission for others to use what you write as content on their sites or blogs, but they keep your links which means more exposure for you. If you write good content, it has a better chance of going viral on the internet.

Facebook – Already mentioned above, but wanted to mention again here. Facebook has a feature called notes. This is comparable to submitting an article to a blog. The big advantage to this is Facebook's PR rank. They have a PR rank of 10, so that rank gets passed to your page when you link to it from Facebook.

Free Traffic Systems – You can sign up for a free account with the option to upgrade. Free members can submit their article to 30 blogs with 2 links in each article, while upgraded members can submit their articles to 50 blogs with 3 links in each article. Either way, this system can generate lots of unique back links to your site or blog, and back links rate right behind good content when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization).

4.) Paid Advertising
PPC – Google Adwords. Opinions differ on this method. It can be effective but requires massive amounts of monitoring and tweaking or you run the risk of your campaign not being a profitable one.

BigListBigSales – This site is unique in that you purchase a page with your ad listed at the top of five ads for $30 ($5 per ad plus $5 to the admin of the site) and beginning January 2011 there will be a monthly fee.

The owner of the site Arvell Lewis claims he will advertise for you for free until you receive five sign ups, however he makes no claims as to how long this will take (if you are patient and want to wait on his marketing efforts to take effect it will eventually happen since you own the page (which Arvell pre built for you) for life, but if you market your ad yourself, it will obviously speed things along.

If Arvell advertises for you until you receive five sign ups, then that means he also advertises for each of your five sign ups until they receive five signs ups. This means that you receive $5 five times for level one, or $25, but then you receive $5 twenty five times for level two and it just keeps multiplying for three more levels, and this is based on only having five on your fist level.

What is unique about this advertising method is that you are receiving two benefits for the money. Killing two birds with one stone so to speak. You are receiving advertisement for your business, and being paid also when others purchase an ad on the page you purchased.

The $5 payments go directly into your AlertPay account rather than going through the admin. With time and consistent effort, this is a very lucrative opportunity, once it starts to go viral you will begin seeing a continual stream of $5 dollar payments being deposited into your account, and don't forget that your advertisement is being seen at least once for every payment you receive, and probably more since it is likely that not 100% of the people that view it will purchase an ad themselves.

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Russell Morris (aka The Online Infopreneur) is a proud member of Wealth Creations Network.