Tying the knot can be one of the most exciting milestones in a person's life. With all of the excitement comes stress with managing finances. Many couples decide to do joint bank accounts and many do not. Whatever your financial situation may be, following these four steps can help you and your spouse reduce the stress that comes with money so you can enjoy the better things in life together.

1. Create a Budget

Creating a budget for you and your spouse can help reduce the financial stress that comes with marriage and starting a family. Start by mapping out the percent of income that is going towards retirement, insurance, rent or mortgage, etc.

From there, consider a percent of monthly income that can go towards food, gas, and misc spending. Don’t forget to put money aside for couple activities, vacations, and date night. Allowing some income to go towards spending time with your significant other is very important in a healthy marriage.

2. Create Timeline of Big Purchases

Buying a new car, house, or going on a fancy vacation are all very exciting purchases and milestones. Before you jump the ship, be sure to plan out your expenses ahead of time. Create a timeline of when you would like to make this big purchase and work with your partner to discuss how to make this purchase feasible. Maybe it is cutting out your daily mocha at your favorite coffee shop or maybe it is holding off on your monthly luxury spend you set aside each month. Either way, make sure that you and your spouse are fully prepared and financially stable for when the big purchase comes.

3. Consider Side Hustles

Perhaps your future big purchase is not quite attainable. Or maybe you have a child coming and would like to have additional income. A side hustle is a great option to increase your wealth. Many side hustles don’t require much time away from your current job or family. Consider driving for Uber or Lyft  for a few hours a week. You can even start day trading with companies like Maverick Trading or a firm near you. There are many lucrative side-hustles to consider. Do your research to decide what might be a great fit for you and your family.

4. No Secrets

Transparency is key to a healthy financial marriage, especially if you and your spouse have a joint account. Do you have to tell your significant other every time you grab a soda from the grocery store? No, but you should discuss the bigger purchases with them. Every marriage is different, which is why it is important to discuss financial boundaries. Remember, as a married couple, not only are you sharing income, but you are also sharing each other's debts.

While every marriage is different, these four tips are something that every couple can follow. Healthy finances are key to healthy marriage. Budgeting, planning, additional revenue streams, and transparency create a great foundation. Talk to your partner today about how you can improve the financial health of your marriage.  

Author's Bio: 

Marie Willits is a writer, mother, and outdoor enthusiast. She earned a BS in English from UCLA. She moved to Provo, Utah five years ago because of the family environment and beautiful mountains. She loves music, skiing, hiking and cooking with her two children.