There was a time when the tinted glass of cars was limited to those movies that we watched on TV where villains came with a camouflage. In the present times, tinted car windows are something that is trendy and isn't going away anytime soon. While car tints are known to bring about privacy it is also something prevents the heat from getting trapped in the car as well as protects the car upholstery from fading away especially when the car is exposed to the sun.

While getting the windows and the glass of the car tinted is considered as an investment, it is something that stays along for a long time when maintained and cared for. While there are numerous benefits associated with its presence, here are a few facts that you should be aware of when considering it for your car.

Fact 1 – Bubbled Tint Isn't Something That Should Be Ignored

When it comes to applying tint films on the glass and windows of your car, there is the need to attain perfection to it, and only professionals working on window tinting for automotives in Frankston can help out. If you feel that applying the film is a DIY task and can be accomplished with the help of tutorials, you are wrong. The bubbled tint is something that would lead to distortion in the view and with a time of around six months or so, you would watch the film peel off from its place while making you replace it all over again.

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Fact 2 – The Quality of the Tint Isn't Determined by the Shade of It

Tint films are often determined by the popularity of the brand and how much people trust on its services. People may tell you that the darker the tint, the better protection you would receive from the sun. Well, the tint films that are manufactured keeping in mind the protection it is expected to provide can be of a lighter shade as well. Cheap tint films may be dark but may not have the quality of protecting the car interiors from the harmful effects of the sun. Therefore, it is always essential on your part to check on the brand associated with it and the qualities it owns and not the shade of the tint.

Fact 3 – Always Install Tints after Knowing the Local Laws

Australia has its own rules that the citizens are expected to follow. When it comes to choosing the level of tint that should be installed for your car, it is essential for you to know about the shade that is acceptable by the law. Installing any shade of your choice may end up making you fall into trouble, and eventually, you get to be fined for it. Therefore, know the facts well and then invest.

Fact 4 – Purple Tint Isn't Something That Is Protecting Your Car

There are times when you see the tint film of the car giving out that pretty purple shade. Well, whenever you spot that it is time for you to replace it at the soonest. A tint film that turns purple is an indication that it has faded and isn't providing any protection to your car from the glares of the sun.

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The author has had experiences with hiring professionals for car window tinting in Frankston and has relevant information on Australian laws of tinting cars.