Bone loss, and more specifically osteoporosis, is often identified as a female health problem, but men are not immune to losing bone density. There are many factors which can contribute to bone loss, so practicing bone-boosting habits is essential, especially as you age.

Bones are composed of minerals, the most predominant being calcium. The body goes through a process called resorption which means it breaks down old bone and creates newer, stronger ones. Unfortunately, as we age this becomes more difficult. The quicker old bone breaks down the more the need for new bone increases, but older adults simply do not create new bone as quickly as someone who is young. Bone loss can lead to osteopenia which can evolve into osteoporosis. Bone disease can increase fractures and breaks and can negatively impact a person’s life. Here are four factors which can contribute to bone loss, aside from aging, and what you can do to prevent bone loss.


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