pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) is a common gynecological disease in clinics. In recent years, its prevalence has become higher and higher, possibly related to some bad habits at ordinary times. Therefore, women need to know what factors cause pelvic inflammatory disease and take preventive measures to prevent it from affecting their health.

So, what factors lead to pelvic inflammatory disease?

1. Inattention to personal hygiene

The reason why women have PID is related to the lack of attention to hygiene during menstruation. Some women do not pay attention to hygiene during menstruation and do not use clean, sanitary napkins, which may lead to private parts and inflammation caused by bacterial infection. At this time, local bacteria can take advantage of the situation. Therefore, we should pay attention to personal hygiene at ordinary times. During menstruation, women should pay strict attention to hygiene to prevent bacteria from invading and causing local inflammation, posing a threat to women's health.

2. Excessive smoke and alcohol

The reason why women have the pelvic inflammatory disease is mainly related to their smoking and drinking. Some women always smoke and drink, which may lead to decreased resistance. When harmful substances in tobacco invade the human body, they usually reduce organ function, leading to impaired immune function. In addition, the irritation of alcohol is also significant.

If you often drink a lot, the alcoholic substances will cause damage to the body, which will also easily lead to a significant decline in resistance, and the probability of disease will be higher. Therefore, paying attention to physical care and quitting smoking and drinking is necessary to prevent PID from affecting women's health.

3. Multiple miscarriages

Female pelvic inflammatory disease is related to many factors, such as multiple abortions are also easy to cause pelvic inflammatory disease. Some women usually do not use contraception and often terminate a pregnancy by drug abortion, induced abortion, and other methods after an accidental pregnancy. However, in the case of multiple abortions, it is easy to affect the female uterus. In addition, the pelvic cavity is also vulnerable to infection, causing local inflammation.

Therefore, women must take reasonable contraceptive measures to prevent multiple abortions from harming their health. If you always have numerous abortions, in addition to causing pelvic inflammatory disease, it will also cause severe damage to the health of women's uterus, so the probability of infertility for women will increase.

4. Lack of exercise

The reason why women have PID is also related to the lack of exercise at ordinary times. Now many women lack sports. However, the long-term absence of exercise usually leads to a significant decline in resistance, and bacteria are more likely to invade the human body, leading to diseases. Therefore, people who want to promote health should exercise reasonably at ordinary times. Keep your body in good condition through healthy exercise, which can prevent bacteria from invading and causing local inflammation after resistance declines.

Women's health is generally vulnerable to damage after PID, and abdominal pain and abnormal menstruation may occur. Therefore, once PID is found, treat it immediately. For the choice of drugs, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can effectively eliminate inflammation and relieve patients' symptoms.

In addition, master the correct methods to actively prevent pelvic inflammatory disease, to avoid the persistent inflammation of the pelvic region and damage to women's physical and mental health.

So, what measures can prevent pelvic inflammatory disease effectively?

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene

If women want to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease effectively, they must pay attention to personal hygiene, especially cleaning private parts. Women can only prevent pathogens from invading and causing diseases by keeping the body hygienic.

In addition, in hot summer, if there is sweating, women must change clothes frequently to keep their bodies clean. Only in this way can we reduce the prevalence of diseases and prevent diseases from threatening women's health when they come.

2. Avoid long-time sitting

Women who want to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease must exercise actively at ordinary times to avoid sitting still for a long time. Because in the case of sedentary, the probability of pelvic inflammatory disease is relatively high. Under the influence of sitting for a long time, the temperature of the private parts will rise at this time, which is conducive to the growth of bacteria. After many bacteria breed, they may invade the human body and cause gynecological inflammation.

Therefore, women should exercise more at ordinary times to enhance their immune function and promote the circulation and metabolism of the body through reasonable exercise. This is also beneficial to the prevention of local inflammation to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease from affecting women's health.

3. Supplement more substances to improve resistance

Women who want to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease usually need to pay attention to dietary problems and eat more food to improve immune function. Vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C can be eaten more. In addition, it can take antioxidant food, which is beneficial to the elimination of excess free radicals in the body, can delay the aging of the body, and is also helpful for the prevention of pelvic inflammatory disease.

In addition, women need to eat less high-fat, spicy food to prevent the body from being stimulated by excessive intake of these substances. If women master the correct diet and get well-adjusted, they can avoid diseases.

4. Get enough sleep

Women who want to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease must ensure adequate sleep. Because sleep conditioning is also a way to promote health, some women stay up late for a long time. Because of frequently staying up late, health is more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, women must develop good sleep habits, go to bed, and get up early daily. Proper sleep can promote health, maintain good health, and reduce the prevalence of certain gynecological diseases.

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