All sales managers know it takes more than the gift of the gab to make a great salesperson. There are many characteristics to be taken into consideration in a prospective employee, if goals are going to be met, business relationships are going to be effective and sales pitches are going to be productive.

Insight focus and fire

There is usually a long journey before a sales pitch takes place - a journey that has to be visualised initially and then carried out. Because a salesperson working in the field is very much his/her own master he will need to be able to maintain focus on those goals. He will need to have enough experience or vision to comprehend the kind of obstacles which are likely to be in his way and have the internal resources to confront them.

The ability to Influence others

This is more than just talking the hind leg off a donkey, backing the prospective client into a corner, or being obsessive about a product or service. This is much more intrinsic to the subtle personality traits found in an effective salesperson. It is that X factor that you often cannot really put your finger on but is necessarily based on a natural charm, confidence in herself, a strong faith and belief in what she is selling, an understanding of human relations and behaviours, and an ultimate commitment to the product or service.

Self management

The salesperson works alone in the field and so must be a past master in organisation and prioritising. This is not a job where clients are just going to appear out of thin air. In many cases he must find the prospective client himself, in others he will have a data base he can work from. He must make appointments and follow ups. All of these different approaches, raw cold calling, marketing, selling and building business relationships need to be carefully organised to ensure productive outcomes.

Excellent Inter-personal skills

This perhaps goes without saying, but the perfect salesperson needs to be able to work with people on all levels, in a team and alone, and understand the people he is working with. It is not only about communicating with the client but with his colleagues and his team. Most of all she needs to have the capacity to develop business relationships in a positive way, and communicate with others in ways that is clear, considerate and understandable.

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