The appearance of pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) is very afflictive to women, which will bring pain and other discomfort to them, affecting their daily life and work. If you don't want to be caught by it, daily precautions should be taken. When doing so, women are much less likely to be targeted by pelvic inflammatory disease and are naturally healthier.

How should women prevent pelvic inflammatory disease in daily life?

1.Please seek medical advice as soon as possible if you feel unwell.

Women need to remember that when a disease of the reproductive system develops, there are often a variety of symptoms, such as pain in the lower abdomen, body heat, vaginal discharge, bad smell in private part and so on. If some of these problems appear, it is necessary to alert whether there is pelvic inflammatory disease. Early diagnosis and early treatment can be the right way to achieve effective recovery. For example, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to solve inflammation and terminate painful symptoms, which is hurtless and efficient.

2.Avoid sex during sensitive periods.

In some sensitive periods, the sexual life is not allowed, such as during the menstruation, before and after surgeries related to the private part. It is easy to lead to vaginal bleeding during these gynecological minor surgeries. At this time, if you have sexual life, it will be easy to cause germs to invade your body. Since your body is relatively weak during these periods, and your body resistance is going down, implying the risk of getting infection is very high. Just keep clean and avoid sexual life until you are totally recovered.

3.Health care measures should be taken during menstruation.

During menstruation, women are more afraid of the cold. At this time, they must do well to keep warm, otherwise you will be easy to suffer from chill and cold. And don't overwork, you need enough rest. If you work so hard in menstrual period while lack sufficient rest, it will be easy to cause pelvic congestion, and then cause body resistance to decline, thus causing pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, in order to protect your pelvic cavity, you must take good health care measures as much as you can.

4.Pay attention to private part hygiene.

When you're ready to have sex, make sure you take a shower and focus on cleaning your genitals. And also, your sexual partner should also do this, otherwise in the process of sexual intercourse, it will be easy to cause bacteria or other dirty things into the vagina, thus leading to vaginal inflammation. When the inflammation goes up, it will spread to the pelvic cavity, causing an inflammation in that area, namely pelvic inflammatory disease.

Therefore, the private part hygiene must be paid attention to. In addition to cleaning before sex, remember to clean your body every night as well. Generally speaking, women take a bath every day, and pay special attention to cleaning their private parts while bathing.

Besides these tips, women can also benefit from foods. What can women eat to protect her pelvic cavity?


Because sesame seeds contain a lot of selenium, and this trace element is an important nutrient for pelvic organs. Therefore, if you want to maintain the pelvic cavity health, you can eat sesame appropriately, such as eating sesame porridge.


Honey is a great skin care product, which is good for your skin improvement. Also, honey can stimulate the production of a phenol that has been shown to have a protective effect on female pelvic cavity, and honey has anti-inflammatory action. Therefore, if you suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease, it will be conducive to the treatment.


Spinach contains a lot of iron, which is an important ingredient in blood production. Iron can help to improve ischemic problems due to pelvic inflammatory disease. Make the body full of qi and blood, when the natural resistance is higher, you will be less prone to illnesses.

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