The blocked fallopian tube is mainly due to inflammation or other mechanical factors caused by tubal obstruction. It is the leading cause of female infertility, accounting for about 30% of female infertility. Clinically, there are many ways to treat blocked fallopian tubes, of which herbal medicine Fuyan Pill stands out. It can eliminate blood stasis, and wipe out the toxins to restore your reproductive system.

The treatment of tubal blockage should be based on clinical treatment, supplemented by diet nursing, to help patients recover as soon as possible. So how to eat for patients with fallopian tube blockage? The diet nursing methods for patients with fallopian tube blockage mainly include the following recipes.

1. Cuttlefish soup with peach kernel

Raw materials: There are 5g peach kernel, 15g cuttlefish, and an appropriate amount of ginger, onion, and salt.

Method: Wash the cuttlefish, remove the bone and skin, and then put it into the pot together with the peach kernel. Add 500ml water, cut the scallion into sections, slice the ginger, add an appropriate amount of scallion and ginger into the pot, bring to a boil at high heat, and then simmer at low fire.

Seasoning the cuttlefish with appropriate salt according to personal taste, stew until the cuttlefish is cooked and rotten, and then eat meat and drink soup.

Efficacy: Taoren cuttlefish soup has a good effect of promoting blood circulation and Tonifying Qi. It is suitable for patients with fallopian tube obstruction of qi deficiency and blood stagnation type and can be eaten frequently.

2. Motherwort and hawthorn drink

Raw materials: There are Motherwort 15g, hawthorn 15g, appropriate sugar.

Method: After washing motherwort and hawthorn, put them into a casserole together, add an appropriate amount of water, boil in high heat, and then turn to low heat for 20 minutes. Remove the dregs and take the juice. Add the proper amount of rock sugar to taste according to personal taste, and then drink it after melting.

Efficacy: Motherwort decoction has the effects of warming meridians and dredging collaterals, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It is suitable for patients with obstruction of collaterals and blood stagnation type of fallopian tube obstruction. It has a perfect auxiliary role in alleviating the disease and promoting rehabilitation. It can be drunk frequently.

3. Stewed meat with motherwort

Raw material: There are 30g Leonurus and 150g lean pork.

Method: Simmer motherwort for about 1 hour, filter the residue, and stew the pork with soup.

Efficacy: Motherwort can activate blood circulation and dredge meridians. It is commonly used in the treatment of salpingitis and endometritis and is also conducive to oviduct smooth muscle activity.

4. Stewed spareribs with Caulis Spatholobi
Raw material: There are 300 g Caulis Spatholobi, 150 g pig spine or rib.

Method: Firstly, soak Caulis Spatholobi in hot water and stir to accelerate the dissolution of resin. Then remove the residue and decoct it in clear water to dissolve the remaining gum.

Then mix and boil the resin twice and put it in the refrigerator for ten times. Take Caulis Spatholobi once, add pork spine and vertebrae to stew for more than 1 hour, then natural bone glue can be stewed out.

Efficacy: Caulis Spatholobi is bitter and pungent. It can activate blood circulation, regulate menstruation, replenish blood, activate blood circulation and dredge collaterals, inhibit platelet aggregation, and have a specific anti-inflammatory effect.

It belongs to traditional Chinese medicine's scope for promoting blood circulation and removing stasis; the live ribs of pig spine and vertebrae contain natural glia, which has the function of nourishing yin.

Warm tips: Get rid of bad diet and living habits. Drinking too much alcohol and caffeine can even affect fertility. Nutritional imbalance due to weight loss, excessive or no exercise, extreme obesity, stress insomnia can also cause a tubal blockage.

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