Being lost in the bliss of True Love is like walking on air. However, the truth of the matter is you may be walking on a very thin rope in getting over break up, and when that material snaps you find yourself hurt and helpless. When the so called love of your life decides to diminish the relationship you built your fall may paralyze or freeze your life. We understand it's hard to go through the whole process of healing and moving-on. No matter how powerless you feel. It is always your duty to take control of your life. You can sit around and feel sorry or you can do something to empower yourself and move on. Here are a few ways to get over that devastating blow.

Get over it

Often times you may think you want to get over the hurt and the guy but your subconscious says otherwise. Your ego, as the one being dumped, finds solace in being the victim of the situation. The truth of the matter is, wanting to get over the whole break-up would mean ruining your chances of reconciling the relationship. When you actually decide to get over the break-up, your mind is set on getting over the relationship without a second thought. As an old adage goes It is not over till you say it is.

Reconnect with life

Admit it. When you're confined in a relationship, there are things you give up in order to pursue that perfect combination of fun and commitment. More often than not, some people get disconnected with old friends, favorite hang-out, or even a hobby. Stop moping and start moving reconnect with your old life before you were whipped. Getting busy is one of the best remedies recommended for a break up.

Spend some alone time

If you've been with someone for a long period of time chances are you may have lost a bit of yourself in that situation. This break-up may be the best opportunity to get oriented with yourself once again. Opt to read a good book, enjoy a good drink, listen to your ipod, or sunbath, anything that makes you happy will do. A little time with yourself once a week may just get you back on track and clear your head. Remember to always say no whenever an opportunity for rebound shows up.

Look back

Eventually when things get better, there will always be those moments where you feel the need to remember that relationship or the feeling of wanting to get your ex back. It may have been an amicable or horrible break-up but it's important to look back and learn from that experience. The only way to complete the process of recovery is to be able to revisit the experience and let go of conflicting emotions and smile about it. The bitter end may take you two steps back in picking-up the pace.

Ending the relationship does not mean ending the fun in your life or to get over a break up forever. It only means a different beginning unfolding before. Take it and see where it may lead. But if there are some instances where you still long to get your ex back you can always find ways to get your partner's attention like calling, texting or even just writing a simple letter.

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