Usually, you need to adjust the trailer brakes either half-yearly or annually depending upon the use and frequency of travel. If you use your vehicle frequently, you need to take special care of trailer brakes to keep the efficiency intact. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when it comes to adjusting trailer brakes. Especially if you are planning for a long trip, you need to check the condition of trailer brakes so that you don't end up with a hassle in the middle of your journey. The same thing applies for hilly and rugged terrains and also in locations where traffic is prevalent.

The process of adjusting trailer brakes is not an arduous task. However, a lot of people still search for effective ways to adjust trailer brakes. If you are one of them and want to learn the process in detail, stay glued to the article until the end.

Tools You Need To Adjust The Trailer Brakes

  • Brake Fixing Tool
  • Paper Towel
  • Jack Stand
  • Safety Accessories
  • Flashlight
  • Blockers

Once you have gathered all the essentials, let's start with the process.

Park Properly and Block the Tyres:

Before you start, you need to park your car in a flat and firm ground. The ground should be evenly labelled and safe to work as you would be working for a long time on the car interiors. A firm and steady ground will make the process easier. Once you are done with the parking of your car, ensure your tyres are blocked to prevent forward and rear movements. You can use any tool as a blocker for added protection.

Secure the Trailer with a Jack:

Once your trailer is safe and secure to work, you can jack up the vehicle. Before doing it, make sure to go through the manufacturer's guidelines and ensure you know the drill. Following the manufacturer's set of guidelines; you should adhere to the proper ways of jacking up the trailer. Once you are done, you need to fix it properly on the jack stand. This is nothing but a safety precaution.

Pry the Small Rubber Plug:

After you have jacked up your trailer, locate the brake backing plate and locate the small rubber plug. You need to locate the rubber plug to pry out in order to allow access to the wheel adjuster which you will find at the bottom of the backing plate. If you find the rubber plug is damaged or faulty, you can reach the best trailer parts suppliers who can provide you with durable trailer accessories at an affordable price.

Manoeuvre the Brake Adjusting Tool:

At this stage, you need to put inside and manoeuvre your brake adjuster tool until it fixes firmly with the teeth located in the star wheel of your car. If you are unable to understand what the star looks like, you will find it appearing as a gear with exposed teeth. If you don't have sound knowledge on the car mechanics, you will struggle to locate the star wheel at the innermost portion. Due to this reason, manoeuvre becomes highly essential.

Final Words

Learning the process to adjust trailer brakes becomes essential to maintain your car. Also, if you take proper care of your car's internal parts and it's functioning, your car will be safe to use.

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