Success often means creating and implementing new ways and new habits and fostering those habits so that they grow and stick. If you and/or your business are not at peak productivity, minimal waste, and steady growth you need to take a look at why and fix those problems. Maybe you need to implement, and stick with, a new method or habit in some or all areas.

1. Small Steps
Most successful business and coaches will tell you that success usually comes in the form of small steps. Most “overnight get rich” schemes don’t work because that’s not how true success happens. Success that sticks happens with small steps and long-term dedication and work. Even though the steps are small, the payoff is huge.

2. Daily Consistency
Have you heard of the Kaizen Way? Toyota has been using this method for many years, and quite successfully wouldn’t you say? Many different industries utilize Kaizen to continuously improve processes and business so it’s not a method that works only for certain businesses, individuals are even using it to improve their life.

Kaizen takes things a step past basic productivity improvement and is a process that is maintained daily. It is meant not only to increase productivity and eliminate waste but also to “humanize” the workplace or workforce (you can imagine what kind of a difference this can make).

Small daily improvements create a big difference over the long haul. Rather than looking for one huge instant improvement (which usually doesn’t stick for long), focus on small consistent improvements that will put you into the place you want to be and keep you there.

3. Team Work
Utilize your team as exactly that, a “team”, and pull them in on your endeavor. Work together to come up with new ideas, to recognize areas of waste and eliminate them, to implement new strategies and to bounce ideas off of each other. Generally, people love to contribute and be a part of success rather than just being a body.

Whether you choose to look further into the Kaizen way and implement it or choose to take a different approach to making daily improvements, engage your entire team (where business is concerned). Whether you have just one person helping you with your business or ten, everyone can be a resource and help with improvement, creativity and waste elimination.

4. Make New Habits Stick
Whatever avenue of improvement you choose, you have to work on making it stick to reap the long-term benefits. Decide how you will help yourself stick to your new strategies and habits. Maybe you put them on your calendar daily for a while to remind yourself, maybe you create a screensaver that reminds you, maybe you put it on your whiteboard if you have one; don’t just rely on memory in the beginning. New habits can sometimes be difficult to maintain but after you’ve done it for a month, it should be second nature.

Have you heard of the Kaizen way, what are your thoughts on it? Do you have any new habits you’re working on implementing or have already implemented and have seen improvement? We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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