If you like running on a daily basis to stay in shape, then you do not have to run alone anymore. If you own a dog pet, you can train it to run with you as well. But while running alone is a simple thing, running together with your dog is an altogether different ball game. You will need to be more careful, and you will also need to get some accessories like spiked dog collars, leashes, booties, and some dog treats. Let’s have a look at a few dos and don’ts of running with your dog that can prove quite helpful for you.

spiked dog collars

Do Use a Leash

A gently tied leash around your dog’s neck is very helpful as it lets you guide the direction and catch the dog’s attention. If you do not put a leash on the dog, it will end up peeing around every 10 minutes, and you do not want that to happen.

Don’t Run for Too Long

When you are taking your dog out for the first time to run, they are not as nearly trained like you. So make sure that you are not running for too long. It can exhaust your dog and could cause it an injury as well, depending on its health. To be cautious, in the beginning, do not take them out more than thrice a week and don’t run for more than twenty minutes during these sessions.

Do Warm-Up

Never go out for the run without a warm-up. And while you can easily do yours by following a simple warm-up exercise, you cannot teach your dog a workout to warm up. So instead of that, just play a quick game with your dog, and it will be up to speed.

Don’t Ignore the Weather

Weather matters a lot when it comes to going out on the run with your dog. In the rainy seasons, it should be evident to you that you should not take your dog out if it’s too wet out there. But you should consider skipping the running day even when it is too hot outside. Dogs feel the heat also, and because they have fur on their body, you would not see them sweat. While you may be able to handle the heat, your dog would not be, so do keep that in mind.

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