Every house after a certain point in time goes through a renovation which may be to bring about a change in the way the house looks or to probably adjust to the changes made in the form of repairs and replacements. While renovations may be large scale or small, after it is done, the house needs a thorough cleaning. Getting rid of construction material paint sprays, cleaning up the floors, furniture surfaces and several other areas that tend to get dirty.

While people think that cleaning up post renovation can be a breezy task, but in reality, things do not seem the way it is. A lot of them bank on the professionals for after renovation cleaning to help out. If you are one of those who think a DIY task can be sufficient, here are a few tips that come from the experts which would help you get back to your newly renovated house and enjoy its warmth.

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Do Not Get To Clean the Day They Are Gone

A renovated house means a new look to the house which often gets quite exciting. While you get your house renovated just the way you wanted it to be, do not jump on to clean it the first day that they are done after the completion. The reason behind it is the presence of dust in the air that lingers around for up to two days and eventually taking its place on the furniture, floor or the upholstery. If you start cleaning on the first day itself, it wouldn't be surprising to see dust particles on the furniture the next day as well.

Do Not Forget the Shelves As Well As the Window Grills

Even if you have removed stuff from the shelves and covered it with a cloth to prevent damage you are likely to watch it being dusty as it penetrates through the cloth. The same goes for the vertical window grills, and any other vertical and horizontal surfaces in the house that you thought wouldn't be affected. Making use of a solution containing liquid soap and water to wipe off the dirt from these areas would do good while removing the dirt completely and not letting it come back.

Clean the Walls First and Then the Floor

If you think that cleaning the floor first and revealing the shine on it first does the deal while cleaning the house, you are wrong. When you get on to clean the walls, ceiling, furniture and upholstery, you tend to drop all of it on the floor and dirtying it all over again. Therefore, whenever you start with the cleaning, ensure that everything else is done and the last area that gets cleaned is the floors.

Remember To Clean the Light Fixtures and Fans

Unless and until you have changed them as well, there wouldn't be a need to clean them. In case you haven't changed them and stick to the ones that were there, remember to dust them or probably clean them thoroughly. If you forget doing so, you may watch your floors or carpets beneath them dirty and again have to clean repeatedly.

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