Raw tea and cooked tea are like two people who were originally walking side by side on the same track, but they turned to a different direction at a certain node for their own reasons and needs. This node is called "fermentation", and raw tea moves towards nature. After fermentation, cooked tea moves towards artificial fermentation. Perhaps they will meet unexpectedly after a few years, seeing gradually similar to each other.

From the time when Pu-erh tea was pressed into shape and officially shipped from the factory, raw tea was not fermented and cooked tea was fully fermented. This is the most essential difference between them.

1. The appearance color is very different.

Raw tea cakes are mainly turquoise and dark green, and some of them turn yellowish red and white as bud heads; the color of cooked tea cakes is black or reddish brown, and some bud teas are dark golden yellow.

2. Great taste difference.

Tea leaves of fresh tea, usually fresh tea cakes are not obvious in taste. If they are exposed to high temperature, they will have a sweet and dry taste. The cooked tea has a strong odor, similar to musty smell, the fermented light has a longan-like taste, and the fermented heavy has a stuffy straw mat.

3. Soup leaves are very different.

What is raw tea? Fierce! After brewing, the base of the raw tea leaves is soft, fresh, stretchable and vital! Even if the antique tea is stored for a long time, it can make people feel its vitality, vitality and natural charm. The soup color of raw tea is clear, bright, transparent and clear.

Cooked tea is different. After brewing, the bottom of the leaf is dry and black, without the youthful and lively vitality. If it is old tea with severe water, the bottom of the leaf will be moldy like cloth residue. The inferior cooked tea soup is dull, cloudy, or even black.

4. The benefit is very different.

Raw tea is rich in polyphenols and is a good anti-cancer drink. Drinking Shengpu during the day is very refreshing, and it has a clear feeling of refreshing the body and mind, and it is more obvious for the blood vessels; Shupu is fermented and has a lot of bacteria that are beneficial to the human body.

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