Organising a baby shower is an eagerly awaited event, especially for couples who are expecting. If you consider hiring photo booths for birthday parties, wedding or graduation parties, then why not for baby shower occasion? Besides offering enthralling fun and amusement to your guests, you can create memories by taking incredible snaps with your near and dear ones and cherish them for a lifetime.

This article sheds light on the 4 charming ways of using your baby shower photo booth and how it can make your event a huge success.


Creative Props for Your Photobooth


Photo booth is an excellent addition to a baby shower occasion and probably the best way to keep your guests tuned till the end. Guests can form in groups and take random snaps which they can flaunt in their social media accounts. Now, to make your photobooth more attractive and catchy, you can arrange a collection of cute baby shower photo booth props and see how rapidly your guests engage with the activity.

Here are some amazing baby shower photo booth props for you to choose:

    • Cartoon face cloths and other child gear
    • Inflatables so that guests can experience as if they are pregnant.
    • Customised casing with baby’s name and the expected due date


Video Recording of the Entire Event


Gone are the days when people used to hire professional photographers and get the bunch of photos delivered after a couple of months. With rapid technological advancement, there have been significant improvements in the way people capture moments. Today, photo booths can provide you with a lot more other than incredible snaps. Instead of taking still photos, guests can even record short video clippings which they can cherish later down the line.


Customised Infant Shower Backdrops


Probably a handful of infant shower occasions have the perfect baby shower photobooth backdrop unless the event is organised at home. To make your photobooth ideally relatable with the purpose of the occasion, you can arrange a collection of cute infant shower backdrops where your guests would love to pose. It gives a vivid picture of the purpose of the event and brings life to the event.


Photobooth Depicting Expectations


Have you ever thought of what can be an extraordinary baby shower that serves all intent and purposes? YES! They are wagering pools. People love to wager on infants regarding name, due dates, weight etc. Therefore, what you can do is customise your photo booth to fulfil their expectations in the best possible manner. What you can do is use a quick-delete blackboard to let your guests record their forecasts. This will be exciting to cherish later on.

Concluding Remarks

A baby shower photo booth is not only an incredible idea to spend quality time with your guests but an adorable way to gather memories and messages for your newborn. 

So if you don't want to follow the traditional approach of organising baby shower occasion, hiring a photo booth can be a great option! Your guests will love to attend the occasion and spend quality time together. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is a renowned professional offering photo booth for hire in Melbourne with creative backdrops that can impress the guests and provide them with unrivalled fun and entertainment.