Which have been continuously developing for 15-20 years.

The gaming industry is still in full development, and this seems to be going at a faster pace. There are also trends in the gaming world that have been growing for quite some time, where the peak (or high score) has still not been reached. They're kind of long-lasting trends. Below I have listed 4 cool trends in the game world that will continue to be and continue to develop in the coming years.

1: Steelbooks

With steelbooks I immediately start with the most useless cool trend in the gaming world, but for which I also have a soft spot. It once started with DVDs of movies that now and then came out of metal. The first I ever got myself was the movie 300. Very fitting to get a DVD box from METAL with a movie so suffused with testosterone and manliness that even 80s action movies blush. The first steelbook I got from a game is at DOOM 3 on the Xbox. That was quite unique when that game came out in 2004-2005 and it remained that way for a long time.

In the meantime, a steelbook has been released for almost every majorly produced and released game. Even several regularly. Sometimes you get a unique steelbook with a collector's edition, other times you can only buy the steelbook separately. I'm not a steelbook collector, but sometimes I buy one separately when they are very nice. And they often are. Often they have relief and extra bold artwork. Only two things annoy me: I don't want to actually use the steelbooks as a case for the game (often you get the steelbook bonus, but not always), and I still don't know how and where I can display my beautiful steelbooks. FIRST WORLD PROBLEM ALARM!

2: Watching other people play games

Very soon a blog about watching how other gamers are playing a game. After years of being a snob at this myself full of contempt, I now understand why (especially) young people and children find this a daily fun activity. Watching gamers is really one of the biggest trends in the gaming world at the moment, and I can predict that it will not disappear for the foreseeable future. I do think that it is relatively still in its infancy, streaming along with gamers, although it is evolving at an insanely fast pace.

You have a lot of different types of streamers, from the quiet to the crazy-busy, all of which also play completely different games. And in different ways. One twitch gamer will speedrun the classic Castlevania on the NES, the other will play the latest shooter at their leisure. Of course, there are also downsides because humanity has its pros and cons. Twitch is also full of annoying people, but also full of nice people. Ultimately you will always have that with everything. There were also both annoying and fun books 100 years ago.

3: March of games

My eldest son of 6 started at a new school this year, which is super exciting for him. For extra support, he was completely dressed in Nintendo clothes: Mario & Luigi shoes, pants, sweater, and jacket, plus Yoshi socks. Awesome. Was this possible before? No, not even remotely! Very occasionally, as a game journalist, you got something with a review copy. Sometimes a figurine or toy of a Mario or Sonic came out, but it was all very little. Only in the last 10-15 years has this really taken off.

These days, you can actually get some kind of popular game march from any kind of popular game. Not only posters and clothes, but also figures, glasses, keyrings, nose flutes, plungers, etc. And if these are not made by the developer and publisher themselves, then you have fans on Etsy who have started working on them. Super cool, because if you are a real fan of a certain game or character you can almost always collect something from it.

4: Huge diversity thanks to indies

As a trend in the gaming world, I could also point out that the accessibility of developing and releasing a game has become so much easier. Compared to 20-30 years ago, it is even very accessible today, with it getting easier every year. That's why there are so many indie games now and not every game has to be aimed at the general public. You can release another point-and-click adventure or a vague puzzle game. These will certainly not produce huge sales figures, but they will be large enough to earn good money.

The diversity of games was particularly attenuating 20 years ago. If you look at mainstream, big-budget game releases, you see where this has led, because it's all very much the same in gameplay. The big games nowadays also cost a lot of money to make, so it's understandable. But now, in addition to these major releases, you also have loads of indie games and smaller studios that really dare to do other things with the medium of games. Great development. The only downside is that there are really a lot of games on the market now so that you no longer see the byte forest because of the bit trees.

These are trends in the game world that have been slowly evolving for 15-20 years but are still booming today. There are more, but these are 4 that stand out to me the most. You can clearly see most trends come and go, such as those weird DLC antics from 10 years ago. Do you also have certain trends in the game world that you really notice that are emerging, or have been growing for a long time?

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