If you're looking to protect your roofing system and home with an extra protective layer against common issues like ice damming, shingle blow-off, and wind-driven rain damage, then Weather-Lock Underlayment is a great option for you. Weather-Lock Underlayment is designed to act as an additional line of protection against damage due to shingle blow offs, wind-driven rain, and ice damming.

This underlayment with an extra protective layer is highly recommended for homeowners in this region due to the harsh weather conditions like heavy rains, high speed winds, and hurricanes, to name a few.

Investing some extra money right now can save you a lot in the long run. What's more, you can save money on insurance premiums as well. Let's take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Weather-Lock underlayment so that you can make a well informed decision.

1. What Exactly Is Underlayment?

Your roofing underlayment acts as a secondary barrier against severe weather conditions and water infiltration in your home. It is attached to your home's decking and protects your roof from shingles blow-offs during storms and hurricanes.

If your area receives strong winds and heavy rains on a regular basis and some of your roofing shingles are damaged or missing, a high-quality underlayment can alone keep your home and family well protected and safe during a storm or till the replacement of shingles.

2. What is Weather-Lock Mat?

It is essentially a peel-and-stick mat that is installed along with the traditional underlayment at crucial areas like rakes, eaves, valleys, chimneys, skylights, and windows, among others. It provides an extra line of protection against the elements at damage-prone parts. You can also choose to apply Weather-Lock to your entire roof.

3. Would it be Worth the Extra Cost?

Roofing experts highly recommend Weather-Lock underlayment due to several reasons. Not only does it act as an additional layer of safety for your home and roof, but it can also prove to be a wonderful financial asset. Many insurance companies offer various discounts and rebates to homeowners who invest money in protecting their roofs against weather damage. Referred to as wind mitigation credits, these credits are awarded to homeowners that pass eight key criteria for safety in the inspection. These credits can save you some significant money on your insurance premiums over time.

4. How Is It Superior To Ordinary Underlayment?

Due to the excellent ability of Weather-Lock mat to stick to your decking wood, it offers superior protection against shingle blow-offs and wind-driven rain during extreme weather conditions.

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