Solar energy is the solar power derived from the sunlight by using solar panels. It is just one of the latest initiatives that the movement of "Going Green" has revealed, in an attempt to build and remain sustainable and renewable power sources.
Common Uses Of Solar Energy In Daily Life – The Most Popular Applications:
Solar technology has 2 forms, active or passive, depending on the way they capture, convert and distribute solar energy. Active solar technology includes the use of photovoltaic panels and a solar thermal collector to harness energy. Passive solar technology can be illustrated by directing the building toward the sun, choosing materials with favorable thermal mass or light dispersing, and designing the natural air circulation space in the house to effectively exploit the heat gained from the sun. Here are some of the best uses of solar energy in daily life you should know:
• Solar Energy For Outdoor Lighting
• Solar Energy For Indoor Lighting
• Power Your Home With Solar Energy
• Power Your Home With Solar Energy
1. Solar Energy Used For Outdoor Lighting:
This is the first out of the most common uses of solar energy in daily life that I would like to introduce to my readers so that you should read well and remember to make use as soon as possible!
If you are like me, you may like to come home at night seeing some sorts of walkway lighting and security light. Actually, lighting outdoor, especially in nighttime is extremely important for every family and house in all cases. Not only does it aid in creating a clear view of the entrance door and keys, as well as a clearer view of the walkway area, but also it will serve as a deterrent to strangers who want to enter your home without permission - the thieves, for example. As in the case of a pole light, it will light your whole yard and the best thing about this is that it is for totally free if you make use of solar energy! Yes, if you opt for using solar lights, the solar panel will charge the batteries during the daytime and the batteries will allow you to use the light they contain in the nighttime. You may have the landscape lit through landscape lighting which operates the same way as well.
Thus, this is among the most important uses of solar energy in daily life for human beings so that everyone should not look down but try making use of this method to reduce the electricity expenses for outdoor lighting, especially in night time!
2. Solar Energy For Indoor Lighting:
Another one out of the most common solar energy I want to introduce is for the indoor lighting demand. Lighting in the house is the thing that all of us use every day. With the invention of the light emitting diodes lighting (the LEDs), our home can now be optimally lit with the minimal electricity intake. These small electronic lights or set of lights could be connected through a battery-charged system supplied by the light from the sun in daytime and batteries in the nighttime. When the sunlight is available (daytime), the battery chargers will charge the backup batteries and run the lighting system in your house. Then in nighttime, the batteries will kick in and power the lighting system in your house while the sunlight is not available (nighttime).
3. Power Your Home With Solar Energy
Of course, you can use solar energy to power your home effectively, and this is also one of the most important uses of solar energy that many people have been using every day. The system needed is not that complicated when you examine the necessary devices. What you need to do is just to add solar panels for collecting sunlight and converting it into electrical power. Then, the direct current power (DC power) will be sent to an inverter, which will convert direct current power into Ac power, which will then run your entire home. Through the use of transfer switches and some other safety devices, your renewable, clean power resource can help to power your tool shed, cabin, camper, home, or any other that was built for that matter.
4. Power Pumps With Solar Energy
In some illustrations, solar energy was used for heating water and also heating your home. To ensure accomplishing that task, you will need to prepare a pump for circulating the water around. This pump will connect to the power supply of your home normally, but here I want to give you this great suggestion – an useful tip for this. You can make use of the solar power so that you will be able to run a direct current motor that would circulate the water in and out of your water heater or throughout your home in at a slow pace. This way, you will be able to pay the minimal cost for building and running the system further. Now, the skeptics will say that is good, but what do you need to do when the sunlight is not available (nighttime)?
Good question! The first choice for you is to have normal power running a pump when there is no sunlight available for you to use. You can also make use of the battery backup system so that it will allow the battery to connect to a solar battery charger and the pump to run. In fact, this is one of the best uses of solar energy in daily life that everyone should learn and try making use at home to reduce their monthly electricity bills.

This article is actually a collection of the most common uses of solar energy in daily life that is very important for human beings over generations. All of the uses mentioned in the article today are proven and suggested by scientists, and in fact, they are experienced by several people and countries in this planet. As we all know, environment is being damaged severely, and using solar energy is also a good way to protect our dear living place and space.

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