When it comes to prostatitis, men are all familiar with it. The occurrence of prostatitis will bring some trouble to males in life and lead to frequent urination and painful urination.

There are many treatments for prostatitis, including antibacterial therapy, anti-inflammatory therapy, physical therapy, M-receptor antagonist, and herbal medicine. For patients with chronic prostatitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used due to antibiotic treatment's poor effect. A hot water sitz bath can relax prostate, posterior urethral smooth muscle, and pelvic floor muscle, strengthen antibacterial effect and relieve pain symptoms.

In addition to drug treatment, males also need to understand some health care methods through several questions.

1. Do you need abstinence?

Many patients with prostatitis worry that sex life will aggravate prostatitis, so they tend to restrict sexual life or even abstinence. Abstinence is not good for patients. Because regular sex, regular discharge of prostatic fluid and semen, help to cure prostatitis. Patients should also avoid sudden interruption during sexual intercourse to prevent prostate congestion and semen discharge.

Some patients with prostatitis are worried that they will infect their sexual partners, which is also unnecessary. Pathogens cause only a small number of prostatitis. Most men have nonbacterial prostatitis, so there is no need to worry about infection. If you still have concerns, you can wear condoms during sex.

2. Do you want to drink more water?

Prostatitis patients do not need to drink too much water. Most patients have nonbacterial prostatitis, the inflammation is located in the prostate's interior, and there is no obvious abnormality in the prostatic urethra. After drinking a lot of water, a large amount of urination can only wash to the prostatic urethra. Therefore, drinking a lot of water generally will not have a pronounced treatment or relief effect on prostatitis.

Of course, it is not recommended for patients with prostatitis to drink too little water because drinking too little water will increase prostatic fluid and semen concentration, increase the proportion of inflammatory cells, and aggravate the symptoms.

3. What kind of sports can you do?

For chronic prostatitis treatment, men can also carry out some targeted exercises, such as jogging, swimming, hiking, walking, yoga, etc., to help strengthen the physique, accelerate blood circulation, and improve immunity. These exercises can shorten the course of the disease and enhance the therapeutic effect.

During jogging, the pelvic floor muscles relax rhythmically to promote the prostate's blood microcirculation and its surrounding organs and tissues. Daily moderate jogging can relieve the symptoms of frequent micturition, urgency, pain, and poor micturition, reduce the risk of prostatitis and play an auxiliary treatment effect for patients prostatitis.

Swimming is a systemic exercise that can promote the local blood and lymph circulation of the prostate and help the regression of prostatitis. But the water temperature of the swimming pool should not be too low. It is best to control it at 25 ~ 30 ℃. If the water temperature is too low, it will stimulate gland contraction and congestion, aggravate the accumulation of fluid in the prostate, and affect the prostate's health.

Walking is the most convenient way of exercise. It can also relax the pelvic floor muscles and improve symptoms.

4. What should you do in your diet?

Generally speaking, patients with prostatitis should have a light diet and eat more zinc food, rich in vitamin food and high fiber food. Zinc is the essential antibacterial factor in the prostate, and its content in the prostate is much higher than other organs. The content of zinc in prostatic fluid or semen of patients with chronic prostatitis is much lower than average. Eating more zinc foods can also effectively prevent and treat prostatitis.

B vitamins and vitamin C can promote the human body's metabolism and are essential elements for tissue healing and repair. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the primary sources of vitamins. Therefore, patients with prostatitis can eat more fruits and vegetables.

Patients must get rid of some bad habits during the active treatment of prostatitis. At the same time, stick to a proper diet, and adjust their mood.

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