Look around you, and you would watch everyone making use of a smart phone with a large display that serves numerous other purposes other than making calls. You get to listen to music, watch movies, play games, manage appointments, set a reminder and do every other thing that makes your life easy. With such rough usage that the mobile phone receives, accidents are bound to take place where the screen (made of glass) goes for a toss, and there are multiple cracks in it. A few think that taking it to the repairs shop would sort the issue while a few feel that replacing it with a new one is the catch.

Given the numerous stores and mobile repair centres cropping up now and then for phone and I Pad repair in Canberra, getting rid of smart phone issues has become easy without having to spend money all over again to buy a new set. Despite such amenities available at hand, there are times when people believe in numerous myths that they have overheard from somewhere or the other. Here are a few myths decoded for those of you who are confused on opting for repair services or not.

Myth 1 – They would take away your original parts

There is almost no resale value of an old mobile part, and so when you take your phone to a renowned repair shop, they would only want to focus on the part that is damaged and needs attention. Since they have a business reputation to maintain, they would help you in all possible ways and not take you for a ride.

Myth 2 – They do not replace with original parts

Any certified mobile repair shop would help you with nothing but original parts and help you with a guarantee that promises better longevity. Since they are certified by the mobile manufacturer, you can rest assured that you have received the best services after they have finished with repairing and replacing dysfunctional parts in your phone.

Myth 3 – A crack on the screen does no harm to the phone

There are several who intend to carry on with a cracked screen and deter from replacing it thinking it to be a minor damage. What people do not understand is that a crack on the mobile screen affects the phone internally while allowing problems like malfunctioning of the backlight, discolouration and spots on the screen that are difficult to get rid of. Therefore, whenever you witness a crack on the screen, repair and replace it immediately to allow better longevity.

Myth 4 – The moment I get my phone after repair, it wouldn’t be the same

When it comes to a dysfunctional phone, you would, by all means, go to a shop for Samsung repair in Canberra that is authorised and has relevant experience and expertise. With the professionals being adept with phone repair, they would replace parts with original ones and allow you to use the phone just the way you did before. There would be no change in the way the phone would function while allowing you to continue with a seamless usage.

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The author has had experiences with approaching stores for iPad repair in Canberra and has relevant information on stores that deal with Samsung repair in Canberra.