Nobody really wants to discover the individual they vowed to love through good times and bad is having a marital affair. The news by itself is devastating enough yet in addition to that there is a task which has to be confronted so that you can get a handle on this traumatic situation and get started on the process of recovery.

That healing may or may not embrace the marriage alone but it definitely suggests accomplishing everything possible to heal the person that was victimized by a two timing mate.

However as you go through the recovery phase you will come across plenty of information. Some of this information is going to be tremendously helpful. Others not as much and still other information will lead you to make dreadful decisions regarding your future. For Instance:

Myth 1. An Extramarital Relationship Automatically Brings About Divorce

Although in many cases couples split up many a marriage has made it through one partner's betrayal. It will take a redoubling of efforts as well as the determination to guard your relationship to ensure it all works out for the better this time around.

Myth 2. The Unfaithful Spouse Does Not Really Love Their Spouse Anymore

It's not hard to see where many people are coming form when it comes to this. If they truly loved their spouse the very last thing they would do is cheat on them. This makes a great deal of sense yet surprisingly quite a few cheating mates still love their spouse.

There are to say the least countless justifications for fooling around. None of them are acceptable but it doesn't necessarily mean they don't love their spouse or want out of the marriage.

Myth 3. Excellent Counseling Can Fix The Relationship

Good counseling might help tremendously when it comes to restoring the marriage. However that's only a part of it. To repair the faith that has been erased both parties need to agree to implement some type of system that permits the the spouse that has been wronged to keep close track of their husband or wife.

Counseling will go a long way to uncovering many of those invisible problems which have remained buried for far too long. But repairing the fractured faith is simply a matter of the cheating mate checking in with their significant other on a regular basis until they feel better about the marital relationship.

Myth 4. The Relationship Can At Some Point Return To What It Used To Be

The relationship will never be what it was before. And quite frankly that's the very last thing you want. Re-establishing the marital relationship to what it used to be means placing the marriage in the same place which caused your mate to cheat.

There must be significant lifestyle improvements and getting back to the the way things were before is not an option.

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