No wonder, tiles enliven your bathroom interiors with elegance and bring life to your space. The reason why the majority of homeowners prefer tiling their bathrooms is due to the ease of maintenance and vibrant looks that it offers.

If you have splurged on tiling your bathroom, you will likely expect it to last for a lifetime. Although tiles require minimal upkeep and maintenance, however, it’s likely to confront dirt, grease, stains, and mould on your tiles over time and use.

To help you keep your tiles sparkling like new, here we have listed a few nifty tips for you to follow.

  • Steam Clean Your Bathroom Tiles

A good quality steam cleaner can be of immense help to wipe off-heap of dirt from various surfaces, including bathroom floors. As the bathroom is one of the commonly used places at home, it's common for stains or dirt to build up on tiles which eventually turns into black patches without proper treatment. Cleaning your bathroom floors with a quality steam cleaner eradicate germs and allergens from your tiles and keep them sparkling like new.

  • Prevent Moisture Build Up Around Showers

Showers and adjacent walls tend to develop mould and mildews that make your bathroom a potential germ hot-spot. The best way to prevent mildews is by hanging a squeegee over your shower head and make it a practice to wipe the shower enclosures, walls, tub, and doors at regular intervals. A few minutes of extra work can not only minimise your cleaning job in the long run but keep you safe from potential health hazards such as allergies.

  • Use Premium Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies

Do you have pets at home? Professional bathroom tilers in Brighton always suggest cleaning wet areas with eco-friendly cleaning supplies so as to avert potential health hazards for your kids and pets. Most pets are allergic to chemically active detergents and develop skin irritation or itchiness by coming in contact with bleaching agents. Therefore, you need to be a bit careful while choosing bathroom cleaning supplies so that you don’t end up harming your kids and pets.

  • Hire Professional Bathroom Cleaners for Better Results

Cleaning bathroom tiles is no less than a nightmare to the majority of the homeowners as it involves patience, time and effort. If you are tied up in a hectic work schedule, you may find it difficult to perform regular upkeep of your bathroom tiles and eventually end up with severe health implications. Therefore, in such a situation, it’s always wise to hire professional bathroom tilers in Chelsea who are equipped with high-end tools and cleaning supplies to wipe off dirt build-up and give you a cleaner and greener bathroom like never before!

Bottom Line

Whether you have already installed tiles in your bathroom or planning to take the plunge shortly, these smart tips will help you keep your bathroom tiles clean and shiny for a lifetime. For more exciting tips on how to update old bathroom tile, keep an eye on our upcoming post.

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The author is one of the renowned bathroom tilers in Brighton and has gained reputation as one of the trusted bathroom tilers in Chelsea by residential and commercial clients.