In this busy world, your customer probably won’t be available all the time to receive the package they ordered. If the customer has no idea about the adelivery date or can’t choose a desired delivery date then it’s a big drawback for your business.

Magento store owners are lucky in that case. There is a Magento 2 delivery date extension available in the market with which scheduling delivery dates become mess-free. With this extension, you can allow your customers to choose delivery dates according to their preferences. Giving freedom to choose a delivery date is adored by customers as they know when their products will arrive. Also, all the data is placed in centralized form so it gets easy for you to access and view.

Proper Management of Orders

As a store owner, have you faced the issue of keeping track of delivery dates? Have you mistakenly scheduled deliveries on Sundays, holidays, or whenever your services are closed? I can hear you saying yes, yes, yes! With the delivery date scheduling plugin, you can overcome these challenges.

You can manage the minimum and maximum days of delivery for certain products or locations that require more than one day to deliver. Furthermore, you can allow your customers to choose from various time slots. For a quick delivery option, you can offer a same-day delivery option at defined delivery charges.

Besides, the date scheduler allows you to view orders received for different delivery slots so that you can manage your orders and avoid late deliveries.

Reduces Failed Deliveries

Delivery agents often attempt second-time delivery as the first attempt to deliver fails due to the recipient's unavailability. Sometimes, the delivery agent cannot deliver the product even after multiple attempts to deliver. It happens because the recipient is unaware of the product's delivery date in the first place.

The same happens with reverse pick-up orders. For example, your business is of delivering milk to your distributor. Now, you need to collect cartons back from your distributor on a regular basis. Or say, in your cloth business, the customer wants to return or exchange a product.

With Magento extension you allow your distributors or customers to schedule reverse pick-up dates and slots. It will help your agents to coordinate with your customers and reduce the repetitive attempts to deliver or return undelivered orders.

Customizable Workflow

With the Magento extension, you get all features you need. But, if you have something creative in mind, you can also get it customized as per your workflow. There are various places where you can show estimated delivery dates to your customers. 

You can highlight timers near the product that says if the customers order within the given time they can get same-day deliveries. You can allow customers to choose the delivery date and time at the time of checkout. Or you can give the customers the estimated delivery date after the checkout or during the checkout. Whatever be your need, it's easy with Magento extensions to get it customized.

Enhances Customer Experience

Why do customers shop online? For convenience right! While purchasing your products online if they are not given a delivery date or an option to choose one, it will create inconvenience on their side. Only giving transit time to customers is unsatisfactory. What if the customer wants something before they leave for a vacation or on a specific date as a birthday gift to a family member. There are thousands of reasons why customers want a specific delivery date. 

Giving flexibility to customers for scheduling delivery dates and time slots according to their convenience is a step towards building a positive relationship with your customer. They will keep coming back as they feel your business understands their needs and provides such convenience. It will build a loyal customer base and increase brand value.


Now that you know how helpful Magento 2 estimated delivery date extension is, implement it in your business to increase customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers will come back to you for more purchases. And repeat customers help in growing business revenue.  

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of AppJetty, a digital software products store specializing in extensions, plugins and apps for host of software platforms like Magento, WordPress, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Odoo, Dynamics CRM, etc.