Lawyers can provide invaluable services for your business, whether you have been hit with a lawsuit or you need to set up your company in the first place. In most cases, businesses use outside law firms to receive their legal services. However, it may be worth considering hiring a permanent lawyer for your business. These are some of the main benefits of this option.

It Can Save on Legal Fees

Hiring an attorney on staff can be a more cost-effective solution than going to an outside firm if you need considerable amounts of legal work done. It can be cheaper to pay a lawyer’s salary and benefits than continuously pay the fees an outside firm will charge. This is often the main reason hiring a permanent lawyer for your business makes sense.

Your Business Can Provide Legal Services

Having an attorney on your staff means you can provide legal-related services to your clients. This adds value to your company and can be a deciding factor in what makes customers choose to do business with you over your competition. For example, if you run a property management company, having a lawyer specializing in tenant law and real estate law can be a great selling point.

Solid Familiarity with Your Business

A lawyer either on your business team as an employee or in a permanent contract position will have intimate familiarity with your business. This will allow him or her to give the best legal advice and aid regarding issues your business faces. This can include representing you in court after a long, drawn-out incident a new attorney might have trouble understanding. Reach out to a lawyer that is willing to stick around, like Russo Lawyers.

They Can Help You Avoid Legal Issues

All businesses want to do everything they can to avoid legal issues. A permanent attorney can help everyone at your business avoid problems on an everyday basis, not just when you think you should go to a lawyer. This can include letting employees know of the proper worker’s compensation process so a costly suit doesn’t happen later. They can steer you away from making a decision that could open your company up to risk, or help keep all of your intellectual property in order and properly registered.

Legal professionals are an important asset for nearly every business. How often you use or need one, however, depends on a variety of factors. In many cases, it might be the better decision to hire a permanent lawyer for your business. Weigh your options so you can ultimately make the best choice for your company.

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