Divorce can be emotionally taxing, financially draining and physically exhausting. After the decision of proceeding forward with a divorce, it can feel like a maze. If you are facing such a situation you’ll be glad to know that there’s an alternative way to make divorces more affordable and less volatile. The choice is divorce mediation.

Mediation is a one-of-a-kind alternative to divorce. It takes a gentler, more productive approach to navigate the complicated legal waters of divorce. It usually ends up being less stressful, less expensive, and easier to move on for the entire family with family mediation lawyers edmonton.

The process involves an independent third-party meeting with the husband and wife to work out all the details of the divorce. The mediator is objective and does not take sides. Mediation aims for an amicable solution that benefits all parties equally.

Acquiring a divorce mediator from a reliable firm is the next best choice for you. Here are 5 reasons you should always opt for divorce mediation.

Less Expensive Than A Divorce

Mediation can be much less expensive than divorce because the mediator is not a high-priced attorney but a court-appointed professional, and the proceedings are simpler.

It typically costs you 40-60% less than a traditional divorce. The cost of mediation is determined by the complexity of asset division, child decision-making schedules, and other issues. Even in complex cases, the cost should be significantly lower. You may get surprised at how little it costs to hire a mediator rather than a high-priced divorce lawyer.

The cost of divorce varies by state, but hiring legal representation and using court resources can bankrupt you in many cases. If you can proceed with a divorce while saving money, mediation may be the best option for saving you from bankruptcy. Sometimes people stay because they are not able to afford a divorce. In such cases, mediation can be the perfect choice for them.

The mediator's role is not only to facilitate agreement on divorce terms, but also to reduce tension, remove emotions from the process, and assist both parties in behaving amicably.

The Stakeholders Remain Empowered

Mediators guide and educate people through their parental, financial, and legal options so they can make their own informed decisions instead of lawyers and judges taking control and making those decisions for them.

Instead of laying blame and assigning blame, mediators assist ex-spouses in communicating clearly and effectively, considering and discussing options, and accepting responsibility for their decisions.

Personalize Solutions

A litigated divorce takes a cookie-cutter approach, such as selling the house, splitting the retirement, and establishing a traditional parenting schedule.

Ex-spouses can benefit from divorce mediation by allowing them to think outside the box and develop a fair settlement agreement that reflects their own and their families' unique needs and goals. For example, they may trade retirement for house equity so that one spouse can keep the house, or they may devise a parenting schedule that creatively maximizes children's time with each parent while reducing time spent in paid childcare.

Because of the relaxed, negotiable process, communication lines are kept open, allowing for the brainstorming of unique solutions to any contingency. This adaptability allows for a quick and cooperative approach rather than a combative engagement that leaves everyone exhausted and dissatisfied.

You may discover that with trustworthy mediatiocn services, you have options that a court-centred divorce does not. Mediation allows for a great deal of flexibility, and if you and your partner agree on the details and your mediator believes it is fair, you can dictate how you want to divide assets and handle child custody. This adaptability can alleviate a great deal of tension during negotiations.

It Is Strictly Private And Confidential

Anyone present at the time has access to the intimate details of a divorce if it is broadcast in a public courtroom. Individuals who use the court system for divorce have very little privacy. Nobody wants their dirty laundry exposed in public. If you get divorced in court, your neighbour or the guy who sells you coffee in the morning can hear every detail. For people who value their privacy, a traditional divorce may not be the best option.

One of the most appealing aspects of mediation is that it is completely private and confidential. Participants may never have to appear in court. The mediator handles all of the paperwork, document signing, and filing, and each person's privacy is protected.


In contrast to traditional divorce, most people who use mediation are pleased with the outcome and the process itself. You will most likely feel safer, more confident, and more in command of the situation.

Divorce can be extremely difficult and painful. Mediation is a much better option because it is less stressful, less expensive, and more comfortable for the entire family.

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