When the time comes to renovate a bathroom, it is either you do not like the existing setup or you are bored of it and want a change to your lives. Well, whatever may be the reason, there is a lot of effort and thought process that goes into creating a bathroom that is appealing and accessible.

While we think of everything major as that of the wall colour, the types of accessories that will fit in or probably the quality of the sanitary ware. While these are important, there are other things that are important too. These often go unnoticed by people and thus end up with a bathroom renovation in Perth that may have been renovated but doesn’t suit their requirements well.

Less or no storage space

So think that putting up a small shelf on the bathroom wall would do as there is not much of a need for storage space. Well, where you would store the multiple hair and bathing products that you use if there isn’t any storage space? There is a need for storage to also keep a stock of towels as and when required. Therefore, consider the storage first and then anything else. If it is a small space, you could consider using cabinets below the washbasin as well. This saves a lot of effort as well as space.

Tiles that slip

You may have chosen the tile design and texture yourself, and it suits your liking perfectly, but did you check if it is the right one for the bathroom? Well, bathrooms always require slip-proof tiles that have a good grip under the feet. Since bathrooms are prone to water spillage, the elderly or probably the kids may not notice what is on the floor. This leads to bathroom accidents just because you have chosen the wrong tiles.

Not considering the resale value

In the days to come, there is likely to be chances when you sell this house to someone else. That is when they may face trouble or probably them not liking the bathroom at all. Therefore, there is a need to keep in mind their requirements as well. Opting for freestanding baths can never go out of fashion where you can use it for bathing every day while also making way for the next tenant. When you buy such essentials that are timeless, ensure that you have purchased it from a reputed store.

Not keeping it spacious

When a bathroom is spacious, you can move around with ease as well as have ample space for cleaning up. A bathroom, when crammed up with multiple accessories all around, doesn’t make it look trendy at all. It is something that makes your bathroom look smaller than it is. If your bathroom is generally small, you have made a mess out of it. If it is a large bathroom it will start to look small.

While these are things that most homeowners skip during a bathroom renovation, there is the need to pay heed to all of these and more from now onwards.

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The author has had experiences with hiring professionals that help out with bathroom renovations in Perth and writes this article to let people know of the common mistakes they make like not using a freestanding bath.