Many new pet owners have grand expectations for their new puppies. Not only do they want them to be healthy, they want them to be well behaved and obedient. Although your best bet is to enroll your new puppy in puppy or dog school, some people prefer to take on the challenge and do it themselves.

Even though you would probably need a professional for a thorough dog training, there are a number of simple tricks that you can teach your puppy that will either give it the basics or a step above the rest of its classmates.

Four important commands that your dog needs to understand and obey from an early age:


  1. Face your dog and show it a treat
  2. Move the treat from his nose, over his head to his back. Your dog will follow the treat with his nose and automatically sit.
  3. Say ‘Sit’ as his bottom hits the ground and reward him with the treat.
  4. Repeat the trick for ten minutes several times per day. He will soon associate the word with sitting.


  1. Put your dog in the sitting position and hold its favourite toy in front of his nose.
  2. Slowly move the toy to the ground. Your dog should follow and encourage him to do so. Once your dog is on its belly with his legs out in front, praise it and give it a treat.
  3. Repeat this action numerous times.
  4. Once your dog is getting it, add the phrase ‘down’.
  5. Slowly phase out the toy, always making sure the dog gets completely down. He’ll soon get it without even needing a treat!


  1. Ask your dog to get down.
  2. Say ‘Stay’ firmly and put your palm out in front of his face.
  3. Wait a few seconds and then give him a reward
  4. Repeat numerous times.
  5. Now do the same thing but step back a few paces. Reward if he stays and repeat again.
  6. Gradually increase the distance between you and the time he needs to stay and reward only if he stays.


  1. Ensure there are no distractions in the house and say your dog’s name. Immediately afterwards, give him a treat.
  2. Repeat this 10 – 20 times throughout the day with at least 5 minute intervals.
  3. Now, say your dog’s name. Only give it a treat if it turns around automatically. Praise it.
  4. Gradually introduces distractions. For example, call your dog’s name while it is playing. It will soon learn that when you say its name, something good will happen.

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