In recent years, more and more people have had infertility. There are many reasons, such as environmental pollution, the abuse of antibiotics and hormones, increased mental pressure, bad living habits, etc.

Let's talk about some living habits that have an impact on male fertility.

Habit 1: no exercise

Experts conducted a health survey of 932 men and found that only 96 people took part in the exercise at a fixed time every week, and nearly 68% chose "no exercise." In this way, men feel tired, have slow brain thinking, increase mental pressure, become restless, and get sick.

Experts suggest that walking is the best exercise for men. They should walk fast for 30 minutes outdoors every day. They can also do some cushion exercises at home, such as push-ups and standing still, to exercise the chest and abdominal muscles.

Of course, exercise should also vary from person to person. Children can run more outdoors, while the elderly avoid lousy weather, crowding, and extreme stress. People say that walking a hundred steps after a meal can make you live to 99. Walking in parks, suburbs, and other places with a better green environment can decompose blood sugar and calm the sympathetic nerves.

Habit 2: no medical treatment

The survey found that nearly half of men buy drugs to solve their problems when they are ill, and 1 / 3 of men ignore these "small problems" at all. 80% of seriously ill male patients admit that it is because they do not seek medical treatment for a long time, which leads to minor diseases and severe diseases so that they miss the best early treatment period. Many units require employees to have a physical examination, but men often don't go because of time constraints. According to the hospital clinical data, the frequency of medical treatment for men is 30% lower than that for women.

Expert advice men pay attention to hygiene and reduce diseases. Paying attention to reproductive organ hygiene is not only a matter for women but also men. Moderate cleaning is an effective means to ensure the health of the male reproductive system. Change your underwear every day, especially for boys in development. Masturbation, spermatorrhea, and other physiological phenomena are normal.

Change clean underwear in time. Otherwise, it is easy to have prepuce inflammation, glans inflammation, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, urethritis, etc. If you have these diseases, you need active treatment. The more effective is a natural medicine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can cure these diseases at the same time without side effects.

It is best to sleep naked at night o reduce sexual function so that the reproductive system can breathe "fresh air," especially the male testicles. At this time, you can relax and reduce the temperature to enhance testicular function.

Premature, excessive, or unprotected intimacy may have a significant impact on the male reproductive system. For a safe, intimate relationship, men should take factors such as physique and age into account. For example, young people can maintain it 3 ~ 4 times a week appropriately. Middle-aged people 1 ~ 2 times a week. However, individuals should make adjustments according to their feelings the next day, and their feelings are a correct measure.

Habit 3: lack of breakfast

Among the respondents, only 219 people eat breakfast regularly and according to nutritional requirements. Skipping breakfast or stuffing a few mouthfuls has become a common phenomenon.

Expert advice: honey, garlic, red dates, ginger, and peanuts are good things for women's health. They are also very beneficial for men. Men eat a spoonful of honey, ginger in the morning, garlic in the evening, and three dates on an empty stomach every morning. It's good for health if they stick to it for a long time. In addition, they can eat more tomatoes, seafood, leeks, bananas, etc., which are suitable for men's health.

Habit 4: less communication

The survey shows that more than 41% of office people rarely communicate with their families. Even if their families take the initiative to care, 32% often have a coping attitude. In the absence of communication, guidance, and catharsis, the mental pressure of office people is increasing day by day.

Expert advice: to learn to relax, you will naturally smile. On many occasions, smiling has become an essential means of social success. The premise of making a smile look good is to have healthy teeth, fresh breath, and a relaxed expression. Mood determines action.

Therefore, learn to relax. When there is psychological pressure, as a man, be open-minded. Don't haggle over trivial things. Don't let "you are a man, you should stick to it!" affect your mental health.

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