The autumn season is often referred to as the onset of the winter season. It is the time during which the trees stop making food and shed their leaves amidst the consistently cooling weather conditions. It is also the season during which the leaves change their colour from green to red, orange, yellow, and brown before falling from the native tree. Though it’s a sight to behold, it’s also a sign that summers are over and it’s time to prepare your home for the colder months.

The best housing architects in Bangalore suggest that people should carry out deep cleaning of their house at least twice a year, second time being in the autumn season. This is because the autumn season is susceptible to falling temperatures and humidity, which in turns favours harbouring of dust, bacteria, fungi, germs, and other harmful allergens inside the house.

Here are some important tips that you should consider when cleaning your home in the autumn season:

1. Clean doors and windows properly

The leading house architects in India believe doors and windows to be the most essential housing elements with regards to ventilation and airing. These elements also allow natural light to come inside that can further aid in freshening up the damp indoor environment. Thus, it is important to clean them properly. For instance, you should always check the insulation of windows and doors as improper insulation can create problems in the winter season.

2. Clean the cupboards, get rid of unused items

Many people have the tendency to store things in the cupboards, thinking that they’ll utilize them in the future. However, most of the times, those things end up sitting in the back of the cupboards for a long time, just collecting dust. The top architects in India assert that such stored items can be highly prone to termite attacks and other microbes in humid conditions. Thus, you should always clean your cupboards during the autumn season and get rid of the things you don’t use. For instance, you should prefer donating old clothes to charity.

3. Move the furniture for deep cleaning

A deep cleaning session requires you to move your couch, sofa, and other furniture aside and clean the area thoroughly. You should clean the area behind, over, and under the furniture that may remain unreachable during normal cleaning sessions.

4. Get rid of spider webs

The autumn season is preceded by the monsoon season, which is often regarded as the season of insects and spiders. The leading house architects in Bangalore suggest that the monsoon season creates a humid and damp environment that is favourable for insects and spiders. Moreover, spider webs are not only unhealthy but also pathetic to look at. Thus, you should get them cleaned as soon as possible.

In addition, you should also get your chimneys and fireplaces repaired and cleaned. The best house architects in Mumbai claim that the autumn season is the best time for getting all the small home renovations done.

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