On an average how long do you spend in your shower daily? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? That’s it? Well, it certainly means that you don’t have a freestanding bath yet. If you had, spending even an hour in your bathroom would have seemed less. Sure, freestanding baths are fun, but it’s much more than that.

If you are familiar with freestanding baths as you might have seen in spas or hotels, you already know that it has an immense aesthetic appeal or how it can transform the whole look of the bathroom. Over the years,freestanding baths in Perth has become immensely popular and is now the “must have” feature in modern bathrooms.

Sure, you might have this idea that freestanding baths are far more expensive than its conventional counterparts, but you are wrong. Things are different now as compared to what was the situation a few years ago. Not only have freestanding baths started to come in different sizes, styles and designs, but they are much affordable now.

It promotes alone time

In this day and age when most people are bombarded with a series of personal and professional commitments, it’s important to have some alone time where you let go of everything. Just sitting in the tub with your eyes closed, forgetting about work and family is truly a relaxing experience. But how often do you do this? Considering how much stress people are under these days, people hardly get the time to spend some alone time, and freestanding baths can definitely change that.

They come in a wide variety of designs

Probably the best thing about freestanding baths is that they are available in so many different styles and designs. When you compare it with other types of baths, you will be spoilt for choice. Even if this bath is placed in a corner rather than the centre, you will witness your bathroom turn into something stylish and unique. Whether you want to go for a vintage look or a more modern design, there are designs to suit everyone’s preference and style.

They are well suited for small bathrooms as well

Sure, whether it’s in advertisements or movies, it’s always shown that freestanding baths are always in extremely luxurious and spacious bathrooms, but that’s just a marketing gimmick. Considering the fact that these baths come in so many different sizes and designs, it doesn’t matter even if you have a small bathroom.

They have extensive functionality

When it comes to functionality, freestanding baths do stand out from the rest. You have the option to choose from a wide range of tap options along with the fact that you have the freedom to decide where to place them. You can also opt for an innovative back to wall freestanding baths in Perth which are becoming quite popular these days.

The only thing you need to take care of is to make sure that you are buying these products from a reputed company which has years of experience in providing quality baths.

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