Whether you’re a fledgling entrepreneur, an SEO pro or a specialized content marketing strategist, there is probably one thing that you can easily agree MUST happen for you to become successful. That’s right, you have to be organized! However, if you sometimes feel as if you’re too busy to even jot down a quick to-do list or to prepare for that important meeting on Monday morning, then you probably don’t have the right programs or applications on hand, and you certainly don’t have what you need to plan ahead.

Did you know that, on average, an individual utilizing the ideal organizational and productivity software can save at least one to two hours each week? When you think of all of those late nights that you spend “catching up,” that time can really begin to look appealing.

But with so much tech out on the market today and new digital trends around every corner, what are the apps that you absolutely can’t live without? And is there something to be said about remembering those stable, more traditional options for your everyday tasks and projects?

Let’s jump right in and take a look!

Google Apps

If you haven’t heard of Google Suite by now, then you may be in a little more trouble than you thought. However, just because you know all about the successful applications that Google has brought to our lives, it doesn’t mean that you know how to implement them into your everyday routine. Just a little hint — Google offers a lot more than just SEO tips and an all-out war to appear on Page 1.

First, if you are still using Word documents, you need to rethink a few things. How many times have you forgotten to save your work, thinking your G doc was picking up every breadcrumb and ensuring that every period was in its place, only to find that you had just closed out your Word file without saving it?

If you are working with content or files of any kind, storing them in your Google Drive so that the entire team can access everything they need is just beautiful. Your writer pens a top-quality post, the editor does a thorough proofread, and your outreach specialist gets it out to a high-traffic site — all from the magical corridors of your Google Suite. 

And if you’re in need of Maps, Calendars, Hangouts and more, Google always has your back. Everything is safe and sound in the cloud, just waiting to be accessed from almost anywhere at any time.


Designed with teams in mind, Asana is an organizational app that can assist you in assigning tasks, completing projects, sharing documents and keeping track of deadlines. In short, it’s like a virtual assistant that never takes a lunch break. All of your work is right in one place, and with just a few clicks, you can get updates that are more effective than any Monday-morning meeting.

One of the best things about Asana is that you may also set up a section for each task, ranging from your marketing campaigns to organizing this year’s company picnic. Asana may also be utilized for personal tasks, and you can even connect to multiple employers through the same interface. That function alone will keep you on point!


And have you ever wished that a messaging platform existed, but for business? Well, in walks Slack, boasting of lightning-quick messages that can be sent to colleagues, saving the time that might go into a more formal email. Plus, you can create multiple channels for all of your different business departments, so you may chat as a group about a project or a goal. Yet, when discretion is key, you may always send a private message to discuss anything not intended for the whole group.

Like Asana, you may also connect to multiple employers, so this can be a freelancer’s dream come true. And if time zones are an issue for remote employees, you can always set your Slack to snooze when you’re off the clock.


One more thing that you’ll need to keep this engine running is the right email client, as they definitely are not all created equally. Mailbird can manage multiple email accounts with ease, which is imperative if you work with several customers, do outreach or are into content marketing. Also, think about keeping your inbox clutter-free with Gmail labels.

Additionally, all of the other apps listed will integrate with Mailbird’s flawless design, so you can experience the benefits of convenience and effectiveness — all in one space. You may also add Dropbox, Facebook, Whatsapp, Todoist and more. Honestly, how cool is that? Plus, tie in some unique email examples, and you’re ready to rock!

Once you have these downloaded to your desktop or smartphone, it won’t be long before you’ll have a difficult time wondering how you even managed to function before their discovery. While some of these programs and apps may not exactly be new, it’s difficult to keep up with what is, and how they compare to other similar alternatives as you keep learning. Yet, one of the most important details is how they integrate with one another. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that each and every click that we make counts. So, keeping organized in as few interfaces as possible can save you both time and frustration.

Whether you’re managing a department of 50 irreplaceable employees or keep an innovative remote team of five, ensuring that your projects are on time and every message is answered can make or break the positive outcome that you so desire. Download the free versions and give them a try. Chances are that you’ll never work the same again!

Author's Bio: 

Angela Ash is a professional writer who focuses on topics related to general business, productivity, organization, motivation and more.