Winters are all about snuggling all day long, eating all day long and dressing up stylishly, all the time. There come myriads of fashion trends and styling possibilities with this season, and when it comes to Muslim fashion, one has to be creative.
In this post, we have given you some abaya styling ideas for winter season. It becomes difficult when you have to keep yourself safe from the chilly weather and look stylish too. Abayas are generally fun to accessories because of the limitless and varied styles you can add to it. However, in winters you must keep in mind that layering is a must- you cannot get away from it. Layering is important but layering right is the most important thing during winters. Our aim is not just to give you the styling tips but also give you suggestions that can help you keep warm during winters.
Abayas give you an edge over other outfits when it comes to layering as you can put as many layers underneath and still the fit won’t get affected, unlike dresses and tops where layering becomes a pain. Well, we will come to that later, let’s talk about styling tips for abayas during winters.

Dressing up modestly doesn’t mean you can’t buy crop-hoodies, of course, you can! You can always pull a stylish and chic crop hoodie over your abaya and look cool. You can wear multiple layers underneath and choose a bright hoodie (the one that matches your abaya). You can team this look with a pair of sneakers,and as mentioned in one of the previous blogs, sneakers with abayas look lit,and no other footwear can nail a look as good as that. Crop hoodies enhance the overall look of your abaya since its length is perfect and it doesn’t cover your abaya fully. If you go for a longer hoodie, that might not look as stylish as the crop one. The rule is simple here as well- if your abaya is embellished pick a subtle hoodie,but if the abaya is plain, you’re allowed to pick an embellished hoodie. Try this style as you’re going to slay it.

I have this undying love and faith for cardigans. It’s like how you have someone who always says- “Don’t worry, I am here”; cardigans are like that. You can just wear them, at any given time, with any outfit and they will look stylish. How? How do they do it? Trust me, pick any cardigan, any, and just wear it over your abaya- you will look good. There is no way you’re not going to look stylish. They compliment your abayas well and are warm enough to give you comfort during winters. Pro tip- look for a cardigan with pockets. Why? Because you will need it and du-uh its winters! Whats winters if you can’t feel snug all the time!Alternatively, you can also clinch a belt to your waist to make it look even more stylish with your choice of shoes.

Embroidered Kimonos
This might sound very similar to the cardigan style, but it’s not. Embroidered kimonos are ruling the world of fashion- they look super classy with abayas. But how do you pull them off in winters? Well, layering, remember? You can wear warm layers underneath your abaya and make this embroidered kimono the topmost layer. It looks awesome if the colours are co-ordinated well. If your abaya is black, look for contrasting kimonos and pair them with matching sneakers.

Appliqued Sweatshirts
The perfect match for your plain abayas is an appliqued sweatshirt. This style works really well if you’re a college student or a working lady because this keeps you comfortable all day long and looks trendy when paired with matching sneakers. Plain black abayas with appliqued sweatshirts look amazing and trendy, and if they’re matched well, you can slay like an absolute pro.

Winters give us an opportunity to try variety of styles and especially when it comes to styling abayas, we all see the versatility, Muslim fashion comes with. So, style your winter layers creatively with your abayas and become a style icon.

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