If you want more friends this may be the most important message you ever read.

Here's why...

I was thinking about all the friends I have the other day and the experiences we had.

One of my best friends from high school. Surfing in Hawaii. Go carting at Grand Prix Race-o-rama. Swimming out to Peanut Island during a hurricane. Kayaking in the keys.

My buddies from college. I have more stories than I can remember about crazy nights: in Ybor City, in Alabama, in Miami, in Atlanta and Tallahassee.

And other friends I've met along the way. Mountain biking in Montana. Surfing in Costa Rica. Hiking the Appalachian trail. White Water rafting in West Virginia.

All experiences I can look back at and say, damn that was a great time.

It's one of the reasons why I'm constantly on guard. Constantly looking out for new people to bring into the fold.

Because I know the more friends I have, the more bad-ass life changing experiences I'll have.

And since I've dedicated my life teaching people how to have more fun and be more happy, I'm going to share my 4-step plan for making new friends. Here goes:

1.Determine what type of friends you want. Are they drinking buddies? Girlfriends for shopping? Softball teammates?

2.Go where those people are. You'll find drinking buddies at a bar. Girlfriends for shopping at the mall. Softball teammates running around the jogging track.

3.Open your mouth. Start a conversation and find out if they're o.k. or not. Try not to be too judgemental.

4.Repeat as necessary.

O.k. I know that sounded overly simplistic. But it really is that easy. There's possible friends all around, you just have to get off your duff and go find them.

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