Like many presentation experts - one of the questions I am asked again and again is ‘I have a presentation next week - how should I prepare???’
As a speaker, trainer and coach - I have witnessed many delegates progress from a Public Speaking perspective -but what has really fascinated me are the people who make the greatest transformation in the least amount of time. It is the study of these individuals that gave way to the 3Ps to Presentation Perfection

It may seem obvious, but without passion - we simply lose interest and if you are not interested in your own message why should anyone else be? The first lesson I learnt as a sports team captain was to sell my opinion to myself first. When a person really, really truly believes something their body speaks.
Some may argue that their current vocation may not evoke such feeling, in which case it is a matter of finding parts of the job you CAN get passionate about in order to ensure your message is carried by that and is therefore a hit.
Why is Anthony Robbins (Motivational Speaker and Coach), so successful? The answer lies not only in his knowledge and skill but in his ability to create excitement and share his passion.

The most powerful tool in speaking tool box is silence. We all use it in conversation – some use the ‘silence’ treatment’ for the wrong reasons – but it is a testimony to the power of pause in speech, both conversational and even more so in public speech.
A pause can be used during a speech but can also be used before and at the end, when used correctly it allows you to create more impact, time for you to think and for your audience to understand.
If you were to read out this article – inserting pause within parts (try it) – you would witness first hand the power of the pause.

Personal Preparation
The final P – is possibly the most neglected except by the professionals. We all panic when we have to present – most worry about the content, some also worry about the presentation style/technique but very few focus on the self – the person who will up there on stage.
As a Pro-Speaker as soon as I know I am due to speak – I will begin my personal preparation whether it be my clothes, my voice, my energy, my mood…the list continues. In order to present well – you need to feel right – I will even go as far as watching comedy….that right – no joke! It all helps (me) but you need to find out what works for you so that when you present you are in your optimal state.
Happy presenting
Billal Jamil

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Billal Jamil is a professional speaker, coach and lead trainer at The Public Speaking Academy providing tailored public speaking training. Please see events listing for the next speaking event or visit