What is a home design? Designing a home is not only a mere design, it is a thing that makes our dream come true.
So, to design a home there are many options. The first option is to hire a company or design firm, who does this kind of job. The second option is sharing your demands with some freelance professional who will design the home for you. But wait, wait!! Why would you rely on others?

Designing is planning. It is that plan, which lets you know how will it look after you build it. So, you can do the alteration or modification before investing money.

So, this means if you rely on others with home design, your imagination would not be fully reflected. Every human is different and the designer will put on his idea in designing the home. As a result, a mixture of your idea and your designer idea will mix up which in turn will produce something that is not 100% your idea. So, how to make your home as per your idea?

The solution is roomtodo.

Roomtodo is a web-based software. So you need not install it on your PC like other software available. It is a kind of online CAD software dedicated to users who do not have any sophisticated design skills.

By using the roomtodo, a sophisticated home design can be done within no matter of time. It is very easy, intuitive, and understandable within few minutes you start using roomtodo. The interface of roomtodo is user-friendly thus allowing the user to learn everything pretty quickly.

How to draw a 3D Home?
The first step of designing a 3D home is building a 2D layout. To do this, visit home design in 3D and start a project. Click on the construction mode and start creating a new design. You will see a lot of options on the right pane. Where you will have the option to make walls, rooms, custom shaped walls, floors etc. Click on any option and just click on the middle white space. You will have what you just input in the middle pane. All are done!!
Just click on the 2D or 3D option on the left pane. It will automatically create a 2D or 3D of what you just made.

You just made a 3D room or wall or any other structural member.

But you are not done yet. It is only a 3D plan of a structural member. You need to add many of these structural members to complete a full and final design of your sweet home.

Let me guess, you already added enough rooms to your design so that it is looking like a real house. Now we have to change many things yet to make it a super-looking apartment or home.

Now, let's deal with the other structural components like doors, windows, etc. On the left pane, you would have the door, window, staircase, arc, pillars fences, etc. Use any of that is needed as per your design.

Now go to the coverings menu and paint your wall or floor as per the color you want. You can use many types of tiles, bricks, stone, concrete, wood, wallpapers, floor mats, rugs, images, etc. Options are also available for floorings. Almost all types of construction materials are there pre-made, so you need not make them by yourself.

Now, we will check how your room or home will look when you place some furniture in it. The space available after placing the furniture can also be checked. To add furniture head on to the furniture menu and use any you want to add. All of the furniture are pre-made to make it easy to work with. Different categories within the furniture menu will differentiate the furniture for each type of room. For example, the office furniture is in a separate sub-menu so that you can use them easily.

There is a dedicated menu to add electrical appliances like TV, fridge or oven. There is a lighting option so that you can add enough lighting and check how your room looks with different lighting conditions.

Professional interior design can be done using roomtodo. There is everything that is needed by an interior designer. For example, if you want to add a green portion on the corner of your drawing room, there is an option to place plants and flower vases. You can add your painting on the wall so that the design becomes more personalized. Thinking of some party arrangement in your house, you have the Christmas option under the decor menu.

On the miscellaneous menu, you have many options to use in the home. For example, you want a specialized pet room or pet corner in your home. You will have that option here. Moreover, you will have the options like sport, housekeeping, kitchenware, music, toys, etc. under the miscellaneous menu.

The camera settings are unique. You can set the camera location and watch how your design looks from a different viewpoint. You can switch between 2D and 3D views with a single click. Moreover, you can set the panoramic mode by which you can set your drawing on a busy urban area to check how it goes with the trend.

The most interesting part of roomtodo is it is free to use. Although there is a pro plan, for some advanced options mostly as an amateur designer, you would not need them to make a beautiful home design in 3D.

Before the arrival of roomtodo, planning and designing a home by non-professionals was almost impossible. Technology has changed and it opened the horizon for all of us. Roomtodo’s amazing user-intuitive interface and pre-made structural, decorative components and drag and drop features make it super easy to build any custom-designed home plan in both 2D and 3D.

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