There are only THREE things you should do to amass great health. Yes, just three. Simple yet profound three steps.

1. Diet - Drink a lot of water and have balanced diets
Simple? Everyone knows that! But how many of us can DO that?
It is really simple. Have big bottles of water with you and have a few of them around your home or office. The easier you have access to water, the more you will drink. Drink water as soon as you feel thirsty, do not wait. Thirst is our body telling you, “Hey I am dehydrated!” so does not wait till it says "Hey I am dying of dehydration...."
Balanced diet? Even simpler - plan your meals and if you do, you do not even need to watch your weight. You can have snacks as you like - just replace those snacks with healthy snacks like fruits, healthy biscuits, nuts or organic crackers.

2. Exercise - Pump that cardio every week
Simple? Well, again who can really exercise 30 minutes for 3 days a week?
If you are an executive, chances are you have a calendar for yourself. Slot in these exercise sessions just like you will slot in an important appointment. Treat these sessions as IMPORTANT, MONEY-GENERATING APPOINTMENTS! Yes, it is money generating - healthier you, more-energized YOU and better-looking YOU!

3. De-stress and Meditate
See? Just 3 simple steps. It is not that difficult.
Just like slotting in the exercise sessions, slot in 10-minute "appointment" with yourself every night before you retire the day or anytime you can afford during the day. It is important to just have 10 minutes with yourself daily. You have spent 10 hours with work, colleagues, suppliers, bosses, clients and customers; probably spent another 3 hours with family, pets, children, parents, spouse and neighbors or friends; probably another 2 hours with the Internet. Can't you afford just 10 minutes for yourself?

Take in deep breaths, relax, listen to soothing music, and as you let yourself fall asleep that very relaxing night, simply think of 5 things that you feel gratitude of. Thank the universe that you are still breathing, thank you for your financial, health and success. Thank you for every little small thing you have in life - enough clothes, food and a good shelter to live in.
So, enjoy life to SkyRocket your success!
I will SkyRocket MY Success!

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