Even with today's technology, everything is still not completely understood on what causes muscle growth. There are actually a whole series of biological processes that are triggered after hard, heavy weight training. Despite all the advances in medical science and human kinetics, the most effective and the most practical advice to building rock solid muscle can be found in the lifters of the past.

Here are the 3 simple steps to building maximum muscle that have survived for generations to build better bodies.

1. Reload

Heavy is not good when you are looking down at the bathroom scale, but lifting heavy weights on the other hand is good. You can come up with many reasons to train using different rep ranges in your workouts but most experts would agree that using reps in the 4-6 rep range recruits the fast twitch muscle fibers which have the most potential for growth.

Train hard and heavy...

2. Refuel

Your body is most efficient at processing nutrients directly after your workout. Carbohydrates get soaked up to replenish energy. Protein gets used to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. Healthy fats get broken down to fight inflammation and support hormone production. Vitamins and minerals need to be replaced for hydration and to aid in basic metabolic functions. Don't worry if you don't drink a micro cross-filtered whey hydrolysate nitro oxide shake within 4 milliseconds after your workout.

Eat after your workout...

3. Recharge

There is a reason we can't see in the dark. It's because we should be sleeping! Try getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Your body releases most of it's brain boosting melatonin and growth hormone during sleep which helps regulate your circadian rhythm and recharge your metabolism to burn fat and build muscle during the day and night. Don't forget the early morning hours are also prime time for Testosterone production which is your bodies main thermostat for sleeve splitting muscle growth.

Go to bed...

That's it? Yeah, that's right. It's that simple.

Make sure you are consistently following these 3 simple steps each day before you move on to more advanced methods.

Leave the science to the guys in the lab coats and the heavy lifting to you...

Author's Bio: 

Sean Barker is a Certified Personal Trainer, a former bodybuilding competitor and a proud and busy Dad. He is also the author of Dad Fitness, which can be found at www.dadfitness.com. You can also visit his blog at http://dadfitnessblog.com