A few people have built huge network marketing businesses using traditional
methods, but the average distributor is doomed for failure. These are the 3 main
reasons why most people struggle in network marketing.

I struggled for years in network marketing and could not understand why. I did everything
that my upline told me to do. I made a big list of my warm market. I did in-home presentations.
I used referral marketing, I had the right mindset, etc..

My upline was hugely successful, but I continued to struggle , only experiencing short
bursts of success here and there. I also realized that a lot of other distributors were
experiencing my same frustration.

I eventually got my income up to $2,000/month but it did not last long, because the
people on my team were not having success. I realize that a few distributors have
built huge businesses using traditional strategies, but the majority of distributors fail
miserably using these methods.

I was taught that only the strong survive, and to ignore the weak and work with
only the leaders on my team. This was easier said than done, because I had a lot
of people on my team who were following the steps that were taught to me and
had minimal success.

A few of them stayed motivated even though they were not making much money because
of the mindset training.

I truly believe that more people would succeed in network marketing if they were
equipped with the right business skills. There are 3 reasons why most distributors fail
miserably in their network marketing business.

1. The average distributor does not realize that they are their business and not their
company. Instead they end up being a "glorified sales rep" for their company.

If you are a network marketer, then YOU are your own company...the
network marketing company is not your company. Your network marketing company
is just one asset on your balance sheet.

2. Network marketing violates a fundamental rule of marketing. Targeting your market is
a fundamental business principle. Your friends and family (your warm market) are not
a target market. They did not necessarily request what you have to offer.

The more your message relates to the prospect, the better the conversion. By
trying to generate interest in your prospect, it usually leads to a lot more
energy and effort.

3. Limitations
How many people do you really know in your warm market? What about when you
run out of your warm market? How many people really want to come out of their
comfort zone and talk to complete strangers that they meet in their every day

A few people have built huge network marketing business using traditional
methods, but the average distributor is doomed for failure.

Learn how to master marketing and technology to generate consistent highly
qualified leads for your MLM business.

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Jeremiah Carstarphen
The Cartoon Coach

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